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Please Please Me - song ranking
12 April 2015
A Beginning
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11 April 2015
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1. Ask Me Why (how can you not love this song?)

2. Please Please Me  

3. Misery

4. Do You Want To Know A Secret

5. Twist And Shout  

6. There’s A Place

7. I Saw Her Standing There (The only Paul song that really impressed me on this album)

8. Anna

9. Chains ( “and they ain’t the kind”, that gets me every time! Brilliant)

10. Baby It’s You

11. Love Me Do ( “It certainly is repetitive….”)

12. Boys  

13. P.S I Love You (See #11)

14. A Taste Of Honey  

13 April 2015
vanished in the haze (England)
Hollywood Bowl
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3 August 2012
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I find that ranking Please Please Me is much easier than ranking later albums such as Sgt. Pepper and the White Album because the latter albums have so much variation in the genres of the songs whilst Please Please Me mainly sticks to pop and rock and roll.

Here is my ranked list with some opinions:

  1. I Saw Her Standing There – Very fast and exciting and the singing is brilliant.
  2. Twist And Shout – A classic cover that gets your heart pumping.
  3. Please Please Me – The instrumentation is excellent and works as a very good single.
  4. Do You Want To Know A Secret – Sweet pop song that I am sure the audience of the 1960s would enjoy.
  5. Love Me Do – Their first single which started a massive breakthrough in the music of the time.
  6. Anna (Go to Him) – Very soulful song that is made by John’s powerful vocals.
  7. Misery – Simple, catchy song that is not bad yet it is not special apart from its unique way of being a sad song with an upbeat sound.
  8. There’s a Place – A nice song that is extremely underrated but just shows that the Beatles can do well even with their filler tracks.
  9. P.S. I Love You – Sophisticated in its structure but has dated slightly.
  10. Chains – Interesting R&R/R&B track that does not stand out although George sings well.
  11. Ask Me Why – Interesting chords for the time and complex harmonies but the Beatles could have had a better b-side to the PPM single.
  12. Baby It’s You – Would be good but it is missing something and should not have the awful solo.
  13. A Taste Of Honey – A nice variation to the other songs but I find it a bit boring.
  14. Boys – The words are ridiculous which ruins what is a nice and simple rock and roll tune. I have nothing against Ringo, honest. a-hard-days-night-ringo-6

In total, I would rate the record apple01apple01apple01apple02out ofapple01apple01apple01apple01apple01.

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12 May 2015
Mademoiselle Kitty >^..^<
the Netherlands
Candlestick Park
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27 March 2015
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Oh, thee topics are brutal! It’s so difficult to rank songs when they’re all so incredibly gear…! Still, I do love a challenge and I’ve dipped my toes into the water by doing the White Album single disc challenge (though I cheated)… Anyway, here goes nothing:


1. I Saw Her Standing There

2. Boys

3. Twist And Shout

4. Please Please Me

5. There’s A Place

6. A Taste Of Honey

7. P.S. I Love You

8. Love Me Do

9. Misery

10. Do You Want To Know A Secret

11. Ask Me Why

12. Baby It’s You

13. Chains

14. Anna (Go To Him)


I’d like to add that this is a ranking by approximation, since I love each and every one of these songs very much. I know many don’t like the covers but I do, and A Taste Of Honey would be higher on the list if it wasn’t so damn short. 


Edit: Would you look at that… I made it to Abbey Road today. That calls for an “aaaaaaaaah-woohoo!” ahdn_paul_02

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Formerly Known As JPM-Fangirl --Paul-Badge.png 2016

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14 May 2015
The Toppermost of the Poppermost
Apple rooftop

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14 April 2010
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JPM-Fangirl said

1. I Saw Her Standing There

2. Boys

3. Twist And Shout

Those are my wife’s top 3 on that album as well. Only, she would swap numbers 1 and 3.

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18 August 2015
Terrace BC Canada
Abbey Road
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26 July 2011
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1) Twist And Shout — one of the greatest rock-n-roll vocals of all time — incredible performance!  What a way to end the album!

2) I Saw Her Standing There — can’t imagine a better way to open to The Beatles’ first album

3) Please Please Me — The Beatles’ first hit, and proof that Ringo really could drum (no more talk about Andy White).  Great performance by the whole band.

4) Baby It’s You — the same voice that screamed “Twist And Shout ” could also deliver a sensual slow song — this was one of John Lennon ‘s best vocal performances

5) Do You Want To Know A Secret — George’s voice is full of innocence in this song — matches the lyric perfectly

6) Boys — a great vocal performance by Ringo and the band really delivers great support behind him

7) Love Me Do — a simply but catchy pop song — with harmonies reminiscent of the Everly’s

8) There’s a Place — a hidden gem — great Lennon/McCartney harmonies

9) Anna — another great Lennon vocal

10) Ask Me Why — see song 9

11) Misery — kind of a fun song about feeling sorry for yourself

12) PS I Love You — not bad — a bit forgettable

13) Chains — a bit of a filler, to my ears — George’s voice showing signs of the cold they all had

14) A Taste Of Honey — it’s okay — but nothing special, other than the slip into waltz time for the “I will return” part

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25 August 2015
20 Years Ago Today
The Indra
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26 August 2015
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Hannah said
I love making lists! 

1. I Saw Her Standing There

2. Twist And Shout

3. Baby It’s You

4. Please Please Me

5. There’s a Place

6. Boys

7. Anna (Go to Him)

8. Misery

9. P.S I Love You

10. Love Me Do

11. Chains

12. Ask Me Why

13. Do You Want To Know A Secret

14. A Taste Of Honey

Best List,Except Switch Twist And Shout With I Saw Here Standing Therea-hard-days-night-john-1a-hard-days-night-john-3

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1 September 2015
Casbah Coffee Club
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1 September 2015
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16 September 2015
St Peters Church
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25 June 2015
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11 February 2016
The Hippie Chick
Counting the holes in Blackburn, Lancashire
Candlestick Park
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17 January 2016
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15 May 2016
Royal Command Performance
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8 April 2016
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  1. I Saw Her Standing There – My favourite opening track of any Beatles album. Just like many other songs on this album, this one makes me so happy. It sounds like The Beatles were having fun when recording this album.
  2. Twist And Shout – And this is probably my favourite closing track of any Beatles album.
  3. Please Please Me
  4. There’s A Place
  5. Baby It’s You
  6. Anna (Go to Him)
  7. Boys
  8. Chains
  9. Ask Me Why
  10. PS I Love You
  11. Love Me Do
  12. A Taste Of Honey
  13. Misery
  14. Do You Want To Know A Secret – I don’t enjoy this one that much.
15 August 2016
A Beginning
Forum Posts: 2
Member Since:
14 August 2016
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1. Please Please Me

2. I Saw Her Standing There

3. Love Me Do

4. Twist & Shout

5. Ask Me Why

6. Theres A Place

7. A Taste Of Honey

8. Misery

9. Anna (Go To Him)

10. Do You Want To Know A Secret  

11. Baby It’s You

12. Boys

13. Chains

14. P.S I Love You

4 November 2016
A Beginning
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31 October 2016
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I love every Beatles song but there are definitely favorites and least favorites.


1.) Misery – I feel this song is somewhat underrated in The Beatles catalog.


2.) There’s A Place – This is a forgotten gem by the group.


3.) Ask Me Why – I love the backing vocals and the guitar by john on this song. This should’ve been the first single.


4.) Chains – A fun simple rocker. George’s best song on the album


5.) Bay It’s You – Great cover and vocals by John. Was at one point my favorite on this album.


6.) Please Please Me – When I first started listening to them I sorta disliked this song but now it’s really grown on me


7.) Boys – Fantastic vocals and drumming by Ringo. Way better than I Wanna Be Your Man on With The Beatles .


8.) Love Me Do – This version is nice but I prefer the version on Past Masters .


9.) Anna (Go To Him) – This used to be my favorite song on the album but the love for this song has definitely died down. My mother still loves it though.


10.) I Saw Her Standing There – Too overplayed. It’s a great song but it’s too overplayed.


11.) P.S. Love You – Another simple song. Nothing more Nothing less.


12.) A Taste Of Honey – This was also one of my favorites on the album but it eventually became too stale.


13.) Twist And Shout – This song is possibly one of the most overplayed Beatles songs. I just don’t want to listen to this one ever again. It’s a great great song but it’s too overplayed.


14.) Do You Want To Know A Secret – It’s probably no surprise that this song is the “worst” on this album. I love everysong but in a ranking something has to be last.

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Jojo McCartney
13 April 2017
St Peters Church
Forum Posts: 15
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12 April 2017
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I’m surprised Taste of Honey isn’t considered a highlight of the album. When I hear it, I hear this beautiful moody song with some interesting harmonies. The chord changes during the verses are emotionally incredible to me and I love how they play them with that slow strum. Can’t get enough of it. I also think it’s a great example of how the Beatles could take a song by someone else and make it better.


01. A Taste Of Honey

02. Anna (Go to Him)

03. I Saw Her Standing There

04. Ask Me Why

05. Baby It’s You

06. P.S. I Love You

07. Misery

08. Do You Want To Know A Secret

09. Please Please Me

10. Love Me Do

11. Twist & Shout

12. There’s a Place

13. Boys

14. Chains


& again, because I’m a crazy person, I put all the voting into a spreadsheet to see what each song has gotten for an average rank so far


2.58 – I Saw Her Standing There   (eight #1 votes)

3.78 – Twist & Shout   (seven #1 votes)

4.00 – Please Please Me   (three #1 votes)

7.04 – There’s a Place   (two #1 votes)

7.30 – Anna (Go to Him)

7.52 – Misery   (one #1 vote)

7.64 – Baby It’s You

7.78 – Love Me Do   (one #1 vote)

7.88 – Boys   (one #1 vote)

8.64 – Ask Me Why   (two #1 votes)

8.85 – Do You Want To Know A Secret

9.38 – Chains

9.88 – P.S. I Love You   (one #1 vote)

11.27 – A Taste Of Honey   (one #1 vote, and twelve last place votes)

29 April 2017
In a Yellow Submarine at Wigglehouse
The Top Ten Club
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Member Since:
25 November 2016
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14. A Taste Of Honey – One of the very few Beatles songs I dislike. I don’t hate it, it’s just kind of “meh” for me.

13. Love Me Do  – It’s a classic, but the limited lyrics just don’t do it for me.

12. Ask Me Why – Great song, just not much too it.

11. Chains – Same as Ask Me Why .

10. There’s A Place – Catchy song, and great lyrics.

9. Misery – I love the guitar work in this one.

8. Anna (Go To Him) – One of their classic covers.

7.  Boys – One of my favorites from Ringo.

6. Baby It’s You – Another classic cover song. Sha-la-la-la-la! 

5. Do You Want To Know A Secret – Brings back memories from when I first started listening to The Beatles. I played this song over and over.

4. I Saw Her Standing There – Great way to kick off their debut album.

3. Please Please Me – Early Beatles at their best.

2. Twist And Shout – Once again, classic cover song.

1. P.S. I Love You – This song is VERY underrated. One of my favorite Beatles songs.

All you need is hot potatoes...

29 April 2017
Inside Von Bontee's mind
Apple rooftop
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1 December 2009
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The middle third of the list is somewhat nebulous – songs may go up or down a spot or three, depending on how I feel. But the top and bottom are fairly stable.

1. I Saw Her Standing There (best career-opener ever? probably!)

2. Twist And Shout (the instrumental bit plods terribly, but that just makes the wordless bit after it all the more cathartic)

3. Please Please Me

4. Anna (one of my favourite vocals)

5. Boys (Bop shoo wop! Great guitar solo)

6. Chains

7. Baby It’s You (more girl-groupy goodness)

8. P.S. I Love You (love the percussion, the minimal backing vocal, and mostly that “you you you” hook)

9. Misery (pretty good song, but the piano parts kinda irritate me)

10. There’s a Place (I don’t like this one as much as I should – the way it stops almost as soon as it starts and stretches “There…” to five syllables somehow kills the song’s momentum instantly)

11. A Taste Of Honey (nice arpeggiated guitar part and somewhat sardonic backing vocals)

12. Do You Want To Know A Secret (not my favourite George vocal)

13. Ask Me Why (don’t ask me why)

14. Love Me Do  (hate this song!)

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8 May 2017
Elementary Penguin
Candlestick Park
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15 March 2017
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14. Ask Me Why – The weakest song in my opinion so that is why it is dead last.

13. P.S I Love You – The second weakest song in my opinion. I hate the backing vocals on this track.

12. Anna (Go To Him) – Not a bad song but no one of the best either.

11. Love Me Do – I feel bad rating this so low as I still enjoy it but I think the other songs are better but that harmonica solo is still amazing.

10. A Taste Of Honey – I don’t mind this song but it has taken my a long time for it to grow on me.

9. Do You Want To Know A Secret ? – This song isn’t the best but I like it because of George’s vocal and I like that it is bouncy.

8. Chains – Another George song but I like this one more as it is a much more fun pop song.

7. Misery – This song is well written and well performed. I would rate it higher but I like the other songs more.

6. Boys – One of my favourite Ringo performances even though it is strange that he is singing about Boys . Great guitar from George solo as well.

5. Baby It’s You – Well performed both lyrically and musically. One of the finest moments of this album.

4. There’s A Place – Another song that had to grow on me but I really like it now and it has cracked the top five.

3. Twist And Shout – Probably one of the best Beatle covers and album closers. It is well performed by everyone but John deserves extra credit for his vocal performance.

2. Please Please Me – One of the best early Beatles song. I love the Roy Orbison like vocals and lyrics are some of the best on the record.

1. I Saw Her Standing There – This track has to be number one for me. It is probably one of the best openers for a debut album of all time. It is just a relentless rock n roll song and one the best the group ever wrote in my opinion.

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17 June 2017
Swinging London
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1 January 2017
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19 June 2017
Robin Hood Country
Paris Olympia
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19 January 2017
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I love Please Please Me – I’d rank it higher then With the Beatles, Beatles For Sale , Yellow Submarine and Let It Be .

14. A Taste Of Honey – Great track but something had to come last. 

13. P.S. I Love You – I like the song, it’s probably the cheesiest moment on the album though.

12. Love Me Do – Very overrated song but still good. 

11. Do You Want To Know A Secret – Fine song but nothing too special. I love how it starts.

10. Ask Me Why – Lovely song but again quite cheesy. It’s actually quite complex instrumentally. 

9. Baby It’s You – Sha la la la la la laaa. Yep it’s a very cool song. 

8. Boys – Brilliant performance from Ringo, I think it sounds a little dated these days though.

7. Chains – This songs definitely a grower and a nice dose of R&B. The Beatles did a great job with this cover.

6. Anna (Go to Him) – Great flow to the song and I particularly love the chorus. 

5. Misery – John’s performance is great here. A very strong track.

4. There’s a Place – Brilliantly written song. I heard a bossa nova cover of the song recently which made me realize how well written it is. The harmonica intro is awesome. 

3. Please Please Me – Classic song and for good reason. Just a brilliant rocker and such assured songwriting for a band so young. 

2. I Saw Her Standing There – The first song on the first Beatles studio album and it’s a classic. God knows how they were able to pull off such an achievement in songwriting. 

1. Twist And Shout – John’s performance wins this song first place alone. It encapsulates the beginning of the Beatles Revolution . It’ll always sound incredible and modern. 

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William Shears Campbell

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23 June 2017
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26 January 2017
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1. Anna (Go To Him) 

2. Everything else. 

that song is so underrated. Can’t remember if its a cover or not but it’s just so good. 

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Von Bontee

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23 June 2017
Ron Nasty
Apple rooftop

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17 December 2012
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It is a cover, @QuarryMan. Arthur Alexander…

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