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Ranking Of All The Tunes Of MMT
19 May 2020
In your wildest dreams
Hollywood Bowl
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8 August 2019
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This is a copy paste:

I decided to go on a task of continuing and updating list of every post averaged in the thread to create a decent ranking of the tracks off every album. In this case Magical Mystery Tour . I clarify my process and rules below.

1 – Strawberry Fields Forever (384 points)

2 – I Am the Walrus (336 points)

3 – Penny Lane (254 points)

4 – All You Need Is Love (217 points)

5 – The Fool on the Hill (189 points)

6 – Hello, Goodbye (176 points)

7 – Blue Jay Way (166 points)

8 – Baby, You’re a Rich Man (162 points)

9 – Magical Mystery Tour (160 points)

10 – Your Mother Should Know (126 points)

11 – Flying (78 points)

brought to you by some of the most renowned and important Beatles critics in the worlda-hard-days-night-john-6:





Dark Overlord,




Dingle Lad,


Elementary Penguin,


I was the walrus,









Monkberry Moon Delight ,


Pablo Ramon,






sir walter raleigh,



The walrus100,




Vera Chuck and Dave,



& yaireismailov.

Averaging process and rules:

A pretty classic averaging system; it goes basically by giving the maximum amount of points to the top track on every post (in this case 10) and as the list progresses into the “worst” tracks each track gets one point less. The last track gets no points. For this to apply the post must have the 11 Magical Mystery Tour  songs ranked.

IMPORTANT: if you think one of your rankings might have one of these ambiguous qualities that might disqualify it and you want to be counted in the averaging DON’T edit it; post it again with more detail, otherwise I won’t be able to subtract the points and add them again and it won’t be counted anyway.a-hard-days-night-paul-11

Particular cases:

-NO. 1- Sometimes if there is a track missing but there’s a written clarification, it can be counted. In the case of Abbey Road , for instance, some people don’t count Her Majesty . In that case I count the post and give no points to Her Majesty only if there is a written statement of why its missing. If one track is missing and the post doesn’t have any written clarification then it is considered a mistake and therefore disqualified.

-NO. 2- The tracklist considered is taken out of the Wikipedia/RYM/Discogs “official” tracklists. This means those who rank the Abbey Road Medley as a whole don’t get counted unless they clarify by writing that the tracks separately also rank that way, same with any variation of the sort.

-NO. 3- If a person implies to a previous post that “that would exactly be [their] ranking” and don’t post any ranking themselves, then the points of the first person will be added a second time in behalf of the second person.

-NO. 4- Only one person each ranking. If you posted several times your changes, only the last one will be counted (unless it has any mistakes, missing tracks, etc., in that case then the last one that has no issues will be the one counted).

-NO. 5- The rankings are considered given the numbers apply to them, “1” universally represents the top spot. Unless there is a written statement that clarifies it’s the other way around, this is the way it will be counted.

-NO. 6- If there are no numbers on the ranking and no written clarification it could go either way. At first I used to think the ones at the top were the number 1 spot but in some cases it just isn’t that way. So I decided I’ll just grab the worst rated track up to that point and I see if it falls on the top half or the bottom half. If it falls on the top half I’ll consider the bottom half the top spot and if it falls on the bottom half then I’ll consider the top half the top spot. It might be unfair at times as it might reverse someones’ ranking if they are unlucky by voting positively a previously negatively voted track, but in the grand scheme of things I think it was mostly accurate. In case that the number of tracks is odd (A Hard Day’s Night , Sgt. Pepper ‘s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magical Mystery Tour , Yellow Submarine ‘s Side B & Abbey Road ) and the worst rated track falls in precisely the middle spot then I just take the second to worst rated and judge as to where that one falls.

-NO. 7- If there are “ties” in someone’s ranking their ranking can still be counted but it won’t represent exactly the ties in the overall averaging. If there is still a list-like format then I go from the bottom to the top adding points just like usual, so tied tracks can get different scores but just differing in one single point or two (unless you tie like 5 tracks together), but I think it’s more fair than not letting those people participate at all. It might seem unfair but if the tied tracks were to get the same points, it would increasingly leave an averaging gap between those songs so it’s mathematically better to just stick to the original adding process.

-NO. 8- If there are two tracks that are “tied” then I will just give more points to the one that is named first, regardless of descriptions, just to keep the whole thing going. Unless there’s a specific written clarification of why one of the tracks is better or more of a favourite, then I’ll just give more points to the one named first.

-NO. 9- However, if there’s a tie between three tracks (or more) then that post will no longer be counted unless the list has a specific ranking format in which case see item “-NO. 7-“.

-NO. 10- I guess that if someone doesn’t want to be counted in the averaging he can ask me not to count him in but I hope nobody does that so we get his opinion tooahdn_john_08_gif

All of these rules are up to debate if someone disagrees with part of the judgement. I’m sure we can reach an agreement if they are considered questionable.

IMPORTANT: if you think one of your rankings might have one of these ambiguous qualities that might disqualify it and you want to be counted in the averaging DON’T edit it; post it again with more detail, otherwise I won’t be able to subtract the points and add them again and it won’t be counted anyway.a-hard-days-night-paul-11

Also here’s a playlist with the results from worst to best in case you want to see how effective it proves in practice (I’ll try edit these as well):

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Monkberry Moon Delight

the watusi


the twist

29 August 2015
20 Years Ago Today
The Indra
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26 August 2015
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"The Only Lyrics That Made Me Cry Were "I Don't Believe In Beatles, The Dream Is Over - RingoStarrDrums

30 August 2015
Bury, U.K.
The Top Ten Club
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25 July 2015
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30 August 2015
Blue Jay Way
Candlestick Park
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28 July 2015
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13 September 2015
I was the walrus
The Cavern Club
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22 July 2015
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1.) I Am The Walrus  

2.) Strawberry Fields Forever

3.) Magical Mystery Tour

4.) Fool On The Hill

5.) Blue Jay Way ( I’m one of the only ones who actually really enjoy this song) 

6.) All You Need Is Love

7.) Baby Your A Rich Man

8.) Hello Goodbye

9.) Flying  

10.) Your Mother Should Know

11.) Penny Lane (most overrated song in my opinion) a-hard-days-night-paul-11

Best album though!!

13 September 2015
Royal Command Performance
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2 August 2014
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21 January 2016
London Palladium
Forum Posts: 119
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21 January 2016
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My top 4 I’m pretty sure on.  The rest can fluctuate with my mood.  There’s no bad track on this album.

  1. Strawberry Fields Forever — Great concept, lyrics and the song develops throughout.
  2. I Am The Walrus — One of the most unique psychadelic tracks.  I love it.
  3. Hello, Goodbye — A great catchy rock single.
  4. Penny Lane — Paul’s cheerful nostalgia at it’s best
  5. All You Need Is Love — Kind of an old school sound, very pleasant.
  6. Magical Mystery Tour — This one is growing on me.  Nice energetic opening.
  7. Baby, You’re a Rich Man — Love the synthesizer effect with the percussion.
  8. The Fool On The Hill — A good melody with some offkey singing.
  9. Blue Jay Way — George goes psychedelic too.  Not bad.
  10. Your Mother Should Know — A good soulful song.  Feels like it’s missing something though.
  11. Flying — It’s a good piece.  Just not up to the quality of others.
21 January 2016
Thankfully not where I am.


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1 May 2011
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You have your Beatles mixed up for #9 and #10 @Derek_Francis. ‘YMSK’ is Paul, ‘BJY’ is George.

Agree wholeheartedly with your #1 and #2; by far the two best tracks on the album.

"I told you everything I could about me, Told you everything I could" ('Before Believing' - Emmylou Harris)

21 January 2016
London Palladium
Forum Posts: 119
Member Since:
21 January 2016
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Oops.  Fixed it.  Now that I re-listen to them, the difference is clear.  I think no matter how long I’m a Beatle fan, I’ll at times, forget which one is singing the song.

21 January 2016
Thankfully not where I am.


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1 May 2011
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Might as well give this a go.

  1. Strawberry Fields Forever /I Am The Walrus — Tied as I cannot put one above the other. Two of the greatest pieces of music ever created.
  2. Baby, You’re a Rich Man – Gorgeous. Totally jolly and has one of the weirdest instruments I’ve ever heard. I get totally caught up in the fun of the song and by the end am joining in. 
  3. The Fool On The Hill – By far Paul’s best track on the album (not that its saying much considering the contenders). I really like it tho not too sure why – there are some really beautiful moments. 
  4. Blue Jay Way – Starts off a total dirge, Ringo gets bored and starts playing the drums to entertain himself, the track improves significantly, love it by the end.
  5. All You Need Is Love – When in the mood its a very good song, when not -> meh.
  6. Flying – Nice tune. It comes and goes pleasantly without making much impact.
  7. Hello, Goodbye – Ringo’s drumming, the backing vocals and the coda save it from being a total waste of time.
  8. Magical Mystery Tour – It exists, not much else to say.
  9. Penny Lane – Have never got the attraction of it. Everything about goes over my head.
  10. Your Mother Should Know – As said elsewhere it last 150 seconds yet I’m bored after 30 seconds and I desperately want it to end after 90 seconds; Paul begins singing “da da da da da” 105 seconds in and it plummets into being deeply irritating. It’s just seriously dull, the whole damn thing, never doing anything, even the backing vocals are boring. If this is what Paul wrote for the ‘Our World’ TV special then the whole world should be delighted John came up with ‘All You Need Is Love ‘.

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pepperland, WeepingAtlasCedars

"I told you everything I could about me, Told you everything I could" ('Before Believing' - Emmylou Harris)

2 February 2016
Strawberry Fields
The Indra
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9 December 2013
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This is not easy but I’ll give it a try:

1) Strawberry Fields – one of the greatest songs by The Beatles

2) I Am The Walrus – brilliant song and the lyrics are so random and fun!

3) Penny Lane  

4) Fool On The Hill – it’s such a beautiful song!

5) Hello Goodbye – It was one of the first songs by the Beatles that I ever liked

6) Blue Jay Way – kind of boring but not as bad as some people say it is

7) MMT – It could have been a better song, I dunno

8) Baby, You’re A Rich Man – I like the bass line and that’s it

9)  All You Need Is Love – overrated in my opinion

10) Your Mother Should Know – it’s dull 

11) Flying – I don’t care much about it

“And, in the end
The love you take
is equal to the love you make.”

2 May 2016
A Beginning
Forum Posts: 7
Member Since:
29 April 2016
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1. Strawberry Fields Forever . Pure genius. There’s nothing else like it.

2. I Am The Walrus . Same as above.

3. Penny Lane . Paul at his best. Fantastic modulation and trumpet. Possibly better than Walrus.

4. The Fool On The Hill . Beautiful track with great instrumentals.

5. All You Need Is Love . Bum ba da da da dum 

6. Blue Jay Way . Very well executed track. LOVE the cello malfunction at the end

7. Magical Mystery Tour . One of the great album openers.

8. Hello Goodbye . Fantastic upbeat bounce from Paul.

9. Baby Your A Rich Man. Strange vibraphones to compliment a morality ditty.

10. Flying . Not overly offensive. Plays its part in the album.

11. Your Mother Should Know . Bland and unexciting.

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2 May 2016
London Palladium
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28 February 2016
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1. “All You Need Is Love ” – quite possibly one of the greatest songs ever written . . ever

2. “Strawberry Fields Forever ” 

3. “Hello Goodbye ” – it was hard for me to put this over #4 but it’s one of the greatest ever, is it not?

4. “I Am The Walrus

5. “Penny Lane

6. “Flying ” – has to have a high ranking in regard to the greatest instrumental tracks of all-time . . it’s so perfect that I think it was rather intimidating to approach for them as songwriters. In a fantasy of mine a version with a vocal is approach 

7. “Blue Jay Way ” 

8. “Magical Mystery Tour

9. “Your Mother Should Know

10. “Fool on the Hill”

11. “Baby You’re A Rich Man

2 May 2016
Somewhere In Time
Candlestick Park
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28 March 2014
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2 May 2016
sir walter raleigh
In our yellow (IN OUR YELLOW) submarine (SUBMARINE AHA!)
Apple rooftop
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26 January 2017
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1 Strawberry Fields Forever – one of the coolest, smartest, and most beautiful songs ever

2 Penny Lane – 

3 I Am The Walrus

4 Fool On The Hill

5 Magical Mystery Tour

6 Flying – The descending guitar lines at the beginning always blow my mind

7 Blue Jay Way

8 Your Mother Should Know – I love the intro, the rest in pretty standard

9 Baby You’re A Rich Man

10 All You Need Is Love – Sorry everybody, im not a huge fan of this one, although I love the slogan

11 Hello Goodbye – almost unbearable until the outro.

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-Brian Wilson, Surfer Girl

3 May 2016
The Netherlands
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21 November 2012
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This is one of my favourites!


1. Strawberry Fields Forever . Helloooo, this IS my favourite Beatles song, tied with Something

2. I Am The Walrus /Penny Lane . Sorta depends on the day. Today I like them equal.

3. Blue Jay Way . Love the creepiness, effects, drumming, that stupid cello.

4. Fool On The Hill, although the bit where all the 5000 fecking flutes play together gives me a headache.

5. Hello Goodbye

6. All You Need Is Love

7. Baby You’re A Rich Man

8. Flying . It makes me laugh, not sure why.

9. Magical Mystery Tour

10. Your Mother Should Know . Never listen to this one, not sure why.

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21 July 2016
A Beginning
Forum Posts: 6
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19 July 2016
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1. I Am The Walrus

To me this is one of the best Beatle-tracks ever. It’s weird, fun and surreal. Love the production on it! I still discover new things every time I play it. Guess where I got my username from 😀

2. Strawberry Fields Forever

Equally as good as ITW. Wonderful lyrics and production. 

3. Blue Jay Way .

This track is perhaps one of the darkest Beatle-tracks. Really Spooky tune especially with the backward-vocals.

4. Baby You’re A Rich Man

Just love the tune. Really upbeat and catchy. Paul bass-playing really make the song.

5. Flying

I see that few of you like this one, but I really like it! It’s perfect for the movie-sequence and it has a really cool groove to it. Love the strange ending and fade-out. Really Psychedelic. 

6. All You Need Is Love

It’s naive and cute and a very simple song. I like it! The ending and fade-out is great.

7. Penny Lane

Overrated? Atleast to me. Never really catched it. I like the Piccolo-trumpet on it though. 

8. Magical Mystery Tour  

kinda like something that should have been on SPLHCB , but not good enough. 

9. Hello Goodbye

It’s ok. I can dig it.

10. The Fool On The Hill

Never quite liked this one. The flute is horrible!

11. Your Mother Should Know

When John sneered about Paul and his granny-music this is the track that comes to mind! It should’nt be on this album i think. It sticks out like a sore thumb!

21 July 2016
Gelzelha, The Void
Forum Posts: 2699
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11 April 2016
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Eh, I’ll give it a go:

1. I Am The Walrus /Blue Jay Way – I love both tracks so much; I can’t choose just one! On one hand, IAtW is a whimsical psychedelic masterpiece, and I can most definitely agree with mmm in the sense that it is one of the greatest pieces of music ever created. On the other, BJW is yet another psychedelic masterpiece (at least I see it that way), and I just love the violin and the backwards vocals! a-hard-days-night-george-9

2. Baby, You’re a Rich Man – A lovely and catchy track that rarely gets boring for me! john-lennon-salute_gif

3. Your Mother Should Know – I should have you know that I really enjoy Paul’s “granny music”, and YMSK is no exception. I seem to be one of very few who actually enjoys this one. ahdn_george_08

4. Strawberry Fields Forever – There’s no doubt that this one is an absolute masterpiece, though for some odd reason it doesn’t appeal to me as much as it does to a good majority of you. ahdn_paul_01

5. Magical Mystery Tour – A real foot-tapper! I love the harmonies, the slower bit nearing the mid-end of the song, and the sound of the bus whizzing by.

6. The Fool On The Hill /Penny Lane – Some nice Paul tunes, though that high-pitched noise at the end of the latter is kind of annoying at times. a-hard-days-night-paul-3

7. Flying – A good instrumental that I think would probably be best put to use being listened to on an aircraft of some kind. paul-mccartney-thumb_gif

8. All You Need Is Love – An iconic song with a great message, though I usually have to be in the mood to want to listen to it.

9. Hello, Goodbye – Though it is a good tune, it gets a tad boring after a few listens and I don’t listen to it that often.


There’s my quick take of it. Be aware that this list is undoubtedly subject to change, but I’d be quite prepared for that eventuality. a-hard-days-night-george-10

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5 October 2016
St Peters Church
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2 November 2016
Pablo Ramon
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