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Best and worst from each album
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20 August 2012
New Jersey, USA
London Palladium
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23 July 2012
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Please Please Me- B: I Saw Her Standing There, W: A Taste Of Honey

With the Beatles- B: All My Loving/Please Mr. Postman, W: Little Child

A Hard Day's Night- B: And I Love Her, W: I'll Be Back

Beatles For Sale- B: No Reply, W: Mr. Moonlight

Help- B: I've Just Seen A Face/Yesterday, W: You Like Me Too Much

Rubber Soul- B: Girl, W: What Goes On

Revolver- B: Eleanor Rigby, W: Doctor Robert

Sgt. Pepper- B: Lovely Rita/A Day in the    Life, W: When I'm Sixty-Four

Magical Mystery Tour- B: Penny Lane/Baby, You're A Rich Man, W: Blue  Jay Way

The White Album- B: Dear Prudence/Long Long Long, W: Why Don't We Do it in the Road?

Yellow Submarine- B: Hey Bulldog, W: All Together Now

Abbey Road- B: Something/The Medley (Obviously), I Want You (She's So Heavy)

Let it Be- B: I've Got A Feeling, W: Maggie Mae

PEACE OUT. a-hard-days-night-george-10

“I was special. I always have been. Why didn't anyone notice me?"
-John Lennon

20 August 2012
Bungalow Bill
A Beginning
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19 August 2012
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If being an egomaniac means I believe in what I do and in my art or music, then in that respect you can call me that... I believe in what I do, and I'll say it.
John Lennon

20 August 2012
The Indra
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24 November 2011
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FlyOn13 said
The White Album- B: Dear Prudence/Long Long Long

Totally agree. I'm on a kick on those two right now. a-hard-days-night-george-9

28 August 2012
A Beginning
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27 May 2012
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album: favourite/ least favourite


Please Please Me: Please Please Me/Chains

With The Beatles: Don't Bother Me (by far)/Little Child

A Hard Day's Night - Tell My Why (or Any Time At All)/I'll Cry Instead

Beatles For Sale - Every Little Thing/Honey Don't

Help! - The Night Before/ Dizzy Miss Lizzy (one of the few Beatles songs I actually dislike as opposed to least favourite)

Rubber Soul - Think For Yourself/Wait

Revolver: I Want To Tell You/Love You To

Sgt Pepper: She's Leaving Home/probably Lucy In The Sky

Mystery Tour: Flying/ Baby You're A Rich Man

White Album (my least favourite album): While My Guitar Gently Weeps/ can't really name a least favourite

Yellow Submarine: Hey Bulldog/most of the scores (apart from Pepperland)

Abbey Road: Maxwell's Silver Hammer (yes, I know most people hate it but it's one of my favourites)/ I Want You (She's So Heavy)

Let It Be (My favourite album): Get Back/Maggie Mae


Past Masters 1: I Feel Fine/ Thank You Girl

Past Masters 2: Old Brown Shoe/The Inner Light.

5 September 2012
God Only Knows
Royal Command Performance
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2 September 2012
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Here I go. ~ I don't like choosing worsts', though.

Please Please MeDo You Want To Know A Secret; all around enjoyable. Misery. Depressing.. 

With The BeatlesRoll Over Beethoven or Don't Bother Me; Go, George! All I've Got To Do, see below.

A Hard Day's NightThings We Said Today; underrated song. I'll Be Back, because I like all the others more.

Beatles For SaleEverybody's Trying To Be My Baby; George is still going. Honey Don't, see above.

Help!: Another Girl or You Like Me Too Much; My jams. Dizzy Miss Lizzy, haven't given it a chance yet.

Rubber SoulRun For Your Life; I have my reasons. Wait; the least memorable to me.

RevolverTaxman or Tomorrow Never Knows; one of my favorites. To be honest, Yellow Submarine. Still a fun song, though.

Sgt Pepper's LHCB: Good Morning, Good Morning; Giving it to John, here. Maybe the Reprise, because I've heard it the least.

Magical Mystery TourFool On The Hill; Your Mother Should Know, only because they should've used the anthology version.

White AlbumI'm So Tired, for all the right reasons. Wild Honey Pie.. meh.

Yellow SubmarineHey Bulldog, another favorite. Possibly Submarine again.

Abbey RoadPolythene Pam for the solo; She's So Heavy only due to the repeated reason above.

Let it Be: Two of Us, by far. Long and Winding Road or Let it Be, because the naked versions are much better. Meh Spector.

Past Masters 1Yes It Is, go harmonies! Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand; what is this, spanish!?!?! (kidding..)

" 2: Rain or Old Brown Shoe; You Know My Name.


Please don't wake me, no don't shake me, leave me where I am, I'm only sleeping~.

23 December 2012
London Palladium
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12 November 2012
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Please Please Me-Twist And Shout is the best and A Taste Of Honey is the worst

With The Beatles-You Really Got A Hold On Me is the best and All I've Got To Do is the worst

A Hard Day's Night-The title song is the best and I'll Be Back is the worst

Beatles For Sale-Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby is the best and Mr. Monnlight is the worst

Help!-The title song is the best and Tell Me What You See is the worst

Rubber Soul-The Word is the best and What Goes On is the worst

Revolver-Taxman is the best and Here There And Everywhere is the worst

Pepper-A Day In The Life is the best and She's Leaving Home is the worst

MMT-I Am The Walrus is the best and The Fool On The Hill is the worst

White Album-While My Guitar Gently Weeps is the best and Wild Honey Pie is the worst

Yellow Submarine-George's songs are the best and the scores are the worst

Abbey Road-Something is the best and Maxwell's is the worst

Let it Be-Two of Us is the best and Dig it is the worst, the longer one in the movie is better than just 30 seconds of a jam session

"The world is a very serious and, at times, very sad place - but at other times it is all such a joke."-George Harrison

23 December 2012
Velvet Hand
A Tunisian Amphitheatre
The Jacaranda
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Member Since:
17 December 2012
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Album: favourite/least favourite


Please Please Me: Do You Want To Know A Secret (very cute)/Love Me Do (can't stand it)

With The Beatles: All My Loving (one of those tunes where I can't understand why nobody thought of it before Paul)/Little Child (huh?)

A Hard Day's Night: You Can't Do That (or maybe A Hard Day's Night? They rock the most!)/I'll Cry Instead (I generally dislike C&W or whatever this is supposed to be)

Beatles For Sale: No Reply (why wasn't this a single again?)/Honey Don't (I don't mind Ringo singing most of the time but I hate it when he goes "rock on George for Ringo one time", followed by that non-solo. Also, this goes on for ages.)

Help!: Ticket To Ride (that riff, those harmonies, those drums!)/Act Naturally (critical C&W/uninspired Ringo vocal combination)

Rubber Soul: I'm Looking Through You (one of my favourite songs by anyone)/Run For Your Life (whatever possessed them to end the album with this has hopefully been exorcised and sent back to the netherworld)

Revolver: I Want To Tell You (another one of my favourite songs ever - makes me tear up)/Yellow Submarine (more out of overfamiliarity than anything else)

Sgt Pepper's LHCB: A Day In The Life (because of the drum fills and the "aaaaaaahhh")/When I'm 64 (I'm not crazy about Lovely Rita either - thank you Paul)

Magical Mystery Tour (LP version): Penny Lane (because of the "blue suburban skies" bit)/Your Mother Should Know (I have this in my head all the time and that pisses me off. Shouldn't be half as long as it is. Has no middle section.)

"White Album": This is my favourite record by anyone ever and it's unfair to ask me to select one song. Also, it's 2 albums, so here's 2 selections:  Record 1 - Dear Prudence (or Happiness Is A Warm Gun? I don't know... please don't make me choose...)/The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill (that John Lennon - ts ts ts); Record 2 - Long, Long, Long (or Mother Nature's Son? Or Sexy Sadie? Gnarghnnn...)/??? (don't really have any least favourites on this record... Honey Pie?)

Yellow Submarine (not counting the scores): Only A Northern Song (mmmhh, grumpy George!)/All Together Now (zzzzz)

Abbey Road: You Never Give Me Your Money (how did Paul write this and Monkberry Moon Delight?)/Oh! Darling (not a fan of Paulie's "shouty" voice)

Let It Be: I Me Mine (especially with the Spectorchestra)/One After 909 (was this supposed to be funny?)

Past Masters 1: I Want To Hold Your Hand (rock!)/Thank You Girl (even worse than Love Me Do)

Past Masters 2: this is tough... We Can Work It Out (sigh)/The Ballad Of John And Yoko (I really think that the Wedding Album is a better musical summary of this period)

Thank you.

23 December 2012
Apple rooftop
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8 November 2012
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Please Please Me - B: There's a Place, A Taste Of Honey; W: Anna (Go To Him)

With The Beatles - B: Don't Bother Me, I Wanna Be Your Man; W: Little Child

A Hard Day's Night - B: I'm Happy Just To Dance With You; W: You Can't Do That

Beatles For Sale - B: I Don't Want To Spoil The Party, Mr. Moonlight; W: Honey Don't

Help! - B: You're Gonna Lose That Girl, Ticket To Ride; W: Act Naturally

Rubber Soul - B: Norwegian Wood (fave overall), The Word; W: Run For Your Life

Revolver- B: Tomorrow Never Knows, And Your Bird...; W: Love You To

Sgt. Pepper's - B: A Day In The Life, Fixing A Hole; W: Being for the Benefit...

Magical Mystery Tour - B: Technically, The Fool On The Hill, but, really, Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane; W: Flying

The White Album - B: While My Guitar..., Mother Nature's Son; W: Savoy Truffle, Birthday

Yellow Submarine - B: Hey Bulldog; W: Only A Northern Song

Abbey Road - B: I Want You...; W: Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Carry That Weight

Let It Be - B: Two of Us; W: Get Back, Dig It

Past Masters, Vol. 1 - B: Yes It Is, German vers of I Wanna Hold...; W: I Call Your Name

Past Masters, Vol. 2 - B: You Know My Name..., Rain, Paperback Writer; W: Ballad of John and Yoko


Beware of sadness. It can hit you. It can hurt you. Make you sore and what is more, that is not what you are here for. - George

Check out my fan video for Paul's song "Appreciate" at Vimeo or YouTube.

26 December 2012
Into the Sky with Diamonds
New York
Candlestick Park
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9 August 2011
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Thewordislove94 said, "Here There And Everywhere is the worst" (of Revolver)

For what it's worth, in an interview a few years back McCartney listed that song has his all-time best.

"Into the Sky with Diamonds" (the Beatles and the Race to the Moon – a history)

26 December 2012


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1 May 2011
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Into the Sky with Diamonds said
Thewordislove94 said, "Here There And Everywhere is the worst" (of Revolver)

For what it's worth, in an interview a few years back McCartney listed that song has his all-time best.

It was one of Johns too.

"I told you everything I could about me, Told you everything I could" ('Before Believing' - Emmylou Harris) 

"Don't make your love suffer insecurities; Trade the baggage of 'self' to set another one free" ('Paper Skin' - Kendall Payne)

26 December 2012
Ben Ramon
Carnegie Hall
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26 March 2012
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meanmistermustard said

Into the Sky with Diamonds said
Thewordislove94 said, "Here There And Everywhere is the worst" (of Revolver)

For what it's worth, in an interview a few years back McCartney listed that song has his all-time best.

It was one of Johns too.

And George Martin's- he claimed it was his all time favourite McCartney composition and called it "worthy of Schubert." I have seen some reviewers deem it boring, but I really can't understand why, it's absolutely gorgeous and represents the absolute high point of Paul's ballad mastery before he ever had the tendency to be silly or lazy.


SHUT UP - Paulie's talkin'

26 December 2012
The Netherlands
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21 November 2012
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Here, There and Anywhere is one of my absolute favourites by them, can't really understand why anyone dislikes it. 

Anyway, Best/Worst (more like Favourite/Least favourite though)

Please Please Me: Titlesong, Twist And Shout, I Saw Her Standing There/ Love Me Do (I HATE it) and Misery (I think PPM is my least fav album anyway)

With The Beatles: All My Loving/ Little Child

A Hard Day's Night: Titlesong again, If I Fell/ Hmm..possibly I'll Cry Instead

Beatles For Sale: No Reply, Baby's In Black, Rock And Roll Music/ Most of the rest of the album (oops I think THIS is my least favourite album)

Help: Ticket To Ride, It's Only Love, I've Just Seen A Face/ Dizzy Miss Lizzie

Rubber Soul: Norwegian Wood, Nowhere Man, Think For Yourself and In My Life/ Michelle

Revolver: Aah this is favourite album..I love everything. I think my least favourite is probably Doctor Robert followed by Love You To.

Pepper: A Day In The Life/ When I'm Sixty-Four

MMT: Strawberry Fields Forever/ Baby You're A Rich Man

White Album: While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Dear Prudence/ Rocky Raccoon, Revolution 9, Wild Honey Pie

Yellow Submarine: All You Need Is Love/ Some of the scores

Abbey Road: I love everything on this except for Oh Darling.

Let it be: Across The Universe/One After 909

Past Masters 1: I Feel Fine/ Love Me Do

Past Masters 2: Rain, Across The Universe/ No bad songs on here.


12 January 2013
Beatles in the Blood
Nowhere Land
Paris Olympia
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12 January 2013
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Please Please Me- F: I Saw Her Standing There, LF: A Taste Of Honey

With the Beatles- F: It Won't Be Long, LF: Devil In Her Heart

A Hard Day's Night- F: I Should Have Known Better, LF: I'll Cry Instead

Beatles For Sale- F: No Reply, LF: Mr. Moonlight

Help- F: You've Got to Hide You're Love Away  LF: Dizzy Miss Lizzie

Rubber Soul- F: In My Life LF: Run For Your Life

Revolver- F: For No One, LF: Doctor Robert

SPLHCB- F: Sgt Peppers, LF: Being For the Benifet of Mr. Kite

MMT- F: Penny Lane LF: Flying

White Album 1- F: Blackbird, LF: Wild Honey Pie

White Album 2- F: Birthday, LF: Rev. 9 a-hard-days-night-ringo-14

Yellow Submarine- F: Hey Bulldog, LF: Only A Northern Song

Let It Be- F: Get Back LF: Dig it

Abbey Road- F:Come Together LF: I Want You

Past Masters 1- F: She Loves You, LF: Slow Down

Past Masters 2- F: Revolution LF: (Boy am I gonna get sacked for this) Hey Jude

Anthology 1 F: In Spite Of All The Danger LF: Moonlight Bay

Anthology 2 F: Real Love LF: 12 Bar Original

Anthology 3 F: All Things Must Pass LF: What's The New Mary Jane


The Incedibly True Story THat Never Ends. By Sam.

Best Friend: WHat are you listening to

Me: The Beatles

Best Friend: Go Figure

13 January 2013
Hollywood Bowl
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27 December 2012
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TBH I don't have a favourite but.

Please Please Me – B: I Saw Her Standing There, Please Please MeW: Boys (sorry Ringo)

With The Beatles – B: Roll Over Beethoven, Devil in My Heart; W: Little Child

A Hard Day's Night – B: I'm Happy Just To Dance With You (Rhythm pwns), If I Fell Special Mention to: I Should have Known Better W: You Can't Do That

Beatles For Sale – B: Baby's In Black; No Reply W: Mr Moonlight

Help! – B: You're Gonna Lose That Girl, The Night Before W: You Like Me Too Much

Rubber Soul – B: The Word, I am Looking Through You W: What Goes On

RevolverB: So hard to pick a favourite here W: Love You To

Sgt. Pepper's – B:  So hard to pick a favourite here W: N/A

Magical Mystery Tour – B: I Am The Walrus, Strawberry Fields/Penny LaneW: Flying

The White Album – B: Happiness is A Warm Gum, Honey Pie, Why Don't We Do it in the Road,  W: Wild Honey Pie

Yellow Submarine – B: Hey BulldogW: N/A

Abbey Road – B: I Want You She's so Heavy, You Never Give Me Your Money W: N/A

Let It Be – B: Two of Us, One After 909 W: N/A

Mono Masters Vol. 1 B: Hard to pick a favourite here W: Matchbox (sorry Ringo)

Mono Masters Vol. 2 – B: Hard to pick a favourite here W: Ballad of John and Yoko

Live from BBC - B: Hippy Hippy Shake, Lucille W: N/A

I like the Anthology Albums but, I don't listen to the speeches, incomplete takes (False Starts) and bad quality recordings (sorry Hallelujah I lover Her So)

18 January 2013
Beatles in the Blood
Nowhere Land
Paris Olympia
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12 January 2013
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I don't know why I put For No One on the favorite Eleanor Rigby is my all time favorite in song history

The Incedibly True Story THat Never Ends. By Sam.

Best Friend: WHat are you listening to

Me: The Beatles

Best Friend: Go Figure

20 March 2013
Royal Command Performance
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18 March 2013
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Please Please MeFavourite: Twist And Shout. Least Favourite: Chains.

With the Beatles: Favourite: All My Loving. Least Favourite: Devil In Her Heart.

A Hard Day's Night: Favourite: I'm Happy Just To Dance With YouLeast Favourite: Tell Me Why.

Beatles For SaleFavourite: Eight Days A WeekLeast Favourite: Words Of Love.

Help!: Favourite: The Night BeforeLeast Favourite: Dizzy Miss Lizzy.

Rubber SoulFavourite: You Won't See MeLeast Favourite: Wait.

Revolver: Favourite: For No OneLeast Favourite: Love You To.

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: Favourite: She's Leaving HomeLeast Favourite: With A Little Help From My Friends.

Magical Mystery TourFavourite: Penny LaneLeast Favourite: Your Mother Should Know.

The Beatles [Disc 1]: Favourite: While My Guitar Gently WeepsLeast Favourite: Rocky Raccoon.

The Beatles [Disc 2]: Favourite: Helter SkelterLeast Favourite: Savoy Truffle.

Yellow SubmarineFavourite: It's All Too Much. Least Favourite: Only A Northern Song.

Abbey Road: Favourite: Oh! DarlingLeast Favourite: Sun King.

Let it Be: Favourite: I Me MineLeast Favourite: Dig It.


Past Masters, Volume One: Favourite: From Me To YouLeast Favourite: I Call Your Name.

Past Masters, Volume Two: Favourite: We Can Work It OutLeast Favourite: Rain.


My favourite song is 'Stairway to Heaven' by Motley Crue on their 1876 album 'Yellow Submarine'.

21 March 2013
United States
St Peters Church
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4 July 2012
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I'm used to the Capitol Albums, so I had to look up the song listings for a couple of these...

Please Please MePlease Please Me; A Taste Of Honey

With The BeatlesAll My Loving; Little Child

A Hard Day's NightI'm Happy Just To Dance With You; Tell Me Why

Beatles For SaleEight Days A Week; Mr. Moonlight

Help!: The Night Before; Tell Me What You See

Rubber SoulNowhere Man; Run For Your Life (I like this song, but I had to choose something)

Revolver(this was hard) Got To Get You Into My Life; And Your Bird Can Sing

Pepper: Title song; Being for the Benefit...

Magical Mystery TourStrawberry Fields Forever; Flying

The White Album(this was even harder) Sexy Sadie; Wild Honey Pie

Abbey RoadThe Medley; Sun King

Let it Be: Get Back; Dig It

21 March 2013
The Indra
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13 February 2013
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To tell the truth, I haven't listened to the first 4 albums that much, I mean the full albums, 'cause I usually listen to just a few songs (I know, there's no excuse for this!! *is ashamed*). a-hard-days-night-ringo-14 So in that case I'll pick a favourite, but I need more time to think about a least favourite.


-Please Please MeFavourite: I Saw Her Standing There (but I'm not sure); Least Favourite:?

-With the Beatles: Favourite: All My Loving; Least Favourite:?

-A Hard Day's NightFavourite: A Hard Day's Night; Least Favourite:?

-Beatles For SaleFavourite: I'll Follow The Sun; Least Favourite:?

-Help!: Favourite: Ticket To Ride; Least Favourite: Tell Me What You See

-Rubber SoulFavourite: Norwegian Wood; Least Favourite: What Goes On

-RevolverFavourite: Tomorrow Never Knows; Least Favourite: And You Bird can Sing

-Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: Favourite: She's Leaving Home/A Day In The Life (I can't choose!). Least Favourite: Good Morning Good Morning

-Magical Mystery TourFavourite: I Am The Walrus; Least Favourite: Your Mother Should Know

-The Beatles (White Album): Favourite: While My Guitar Gently Weeps/Dear Prudence (again, I can't decide). Least Favourite: I don't know, if I name one then I should mention at least 3-4 songs... Let's see... Rocky Raccoon? Surprisingly, it's not Revolution 9 :D

-Yellow SubmarineFavourite: Hey Bulldog; Least Favourite: Only A Northern Song

-Abbey RoadFavourite: Here Comes The Sun; Least Favourite: Oh! Darling

-Let it Be: Favourite: Across The Universe; Least Favourite: Maggie Mae

-Past Masters, Volume 1: Favourite: I Want To Hold Your Hand; Least Favourite: ?

-Past Masters, Volume 2: Favourite: Hey Jude; Least Favourite: You know my name (look up the number)

21 March 2013
Egroeg Evoli
Across the universe
Candlestick Park
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6 December 2012
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This list will probably change daily. This is today's list. :)


Please Please Me: Favorite- Twist And Shout & Do You Want To Know A Secret; Least Favorite- Anna (Go to Him)

With the Beatles: Haven't listened to it enough to have a favorite or least favorite.

Beatles For Sale: Favorite- Haven't listened to it enough to have a favorite or least favorite.

A Hard Day's Night: Favorite- Any Time At All; Least Favorite- Things We Said Today

Help!: Favorite- It's Only Love & I've Just Seen A Face ; Least Favorite- Another Girl

Rubber Soul: Favorite- Drive My Car & If I Needed Someone; Least Favorite- Michelle

Revolver: Favorite- Taxman; Least Favorite- Here, There And Everywhere

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: Favorite- A Day In The Life & Lovely Rita; Least Favorite- Fixing A Hole

Magical Mystery Tour: Favorite- I Am The Walrus & All You Need Is Love; Least Favorite- Flying

The White Album (Disc 1): Favorite- Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da; Least Favorite- Why Don't We Do It in the Road?

The White Album (Disc 2): Favorite- Sexy Sadie; Least Favorite- Revolution 9

Yellow Submarine: I don't know the track listing of the album... I'll look it up later.

Abbey Road: Favorite- Something & The End; Least Favorite- Her Majesty

Let it Be: Favorite- Across The Universe; Least Favorite- Dig It



Also known as Egg-Rock, Egg-Roll, E-George, Eggy, Ravioli, Eggroll Eggrolli...

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