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Ranking of all tunes on Abbey Road
27 July 2019
The Kaiserkeller
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23 July 2019
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Holy shit, this is gonna be one toughie… 

1. You Never Give Me Your Money
2. Here Comes The Sun
3. Come Together
4. Something  
5. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer – I ranked this song, this high? I must be a maniac you say? Nah, I just like this song because it’s catchy. ahdn_ringo_09
6. Octopus’s Garden – RINGO NAILS IT
7. Golden Slumbers
8. The End
9. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
10. Polythene Pam
11. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
12. Carry That Weight
13. Because
14. Mean Mr Mustard
15. Sun King
16. Oh! Darling
17. Her Majesty – Absolute tease by Paul, makes me wanting more which makes me sad, because I don’t get any. paul-mccartney

Eh, was tough but I kind of just stuck with my gut on this one. It depends on my mood, love all these songs really. 

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28 July 2019
Hollywood Bowl
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22 July 2019
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I would’ve placed “I Want Her (She’s So Heavy)” first, but nice to know that another individual really loves “You Never Give Me Your Money ” aside from myself.

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- Faul

8 August 2019
In your wildest dreams
Hollywood Bowl
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8 August 2019
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17) Mean Mr. Mustard – as part of the medley, it makes sense as a great transition. also as part of the medley, it makes sense they didn’t stretched it any longer. 5/10

16) Her Majesty – I love it for what it is, would’ve been better if it was complete. 5/10

15) Octopus’s Garden – the boys’ arrangement saves the song, but Ringo wasn’t an outstanding composer. 6/10

14) Maxwell’s Silver Hammer – I actually like this track, it’s very funny, I love Paul’s sense of humour, but it doesn’t flow well with the tracks on side A. 6/10

13) Something – one of George’s best composition, but I think it’s a bit overrated. it takes its time, and that’s good, but it’s not my kind of love song. 6/10

12) She Came In Through The Bathroom Window – a nice rock track with a lot of attitude and a great melody, that elevates the medley a lot. but, you know, it’s Abbey Road , it’s not my favorite song on the album. 7/10

11) Oh! Darling – Paul’s vocals show commitment and the 3 time progression is genius. the guitar motiv is weak though, and the lyrics are generic. yet I love it, I wouldn’t skip it but I believe it could’ve been better if it was smoother on the ears. 7/10

10) Come Together – one of John’s sharpest lyrical moments and I love it as an intro track. but I’ve always had a problem with the transition between the verses and the chorus. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t flow, the scale is different and there’s no connection. apart from that, Paul’s bass and Ringo’s drumming are on point. 7/10

9) Polythene Pam – underrated as few. one of the most rocking moment on the Beatles’ catalogue. the solos are great and the drumming is very good. very good song on the medley, yet I’d agree is not as memorable, but I think that after Mean Mr. Mustard, it is certainly an improvement, and the album benefits a lot from it, even if inadvertently. 7/10

8) Because – one of the many diverse songs The Beatles made. it is a Here Comes The Sun reprise, a You Never Give Me Your Money precursor and the vocal harmonies are orgasmic. of course there are better tracks because, again, it’s Abbey Road , but I love it. without the album, maybe it falls flat, but the song lacking drums and the baroque piano shows that The Beatles where concerned with one thing: the artistic outcome of the songs, and not with a formula. 8/10

7) Sun King – I don’t understand the dismissiveness upon this track. I can’t. it’s beautiful, and a very much deserved break to chill out. a very original chord progression, with a determined pace that has an even more beautiful guitar melody. lyrics of course are lacking and it is short, and undeveloped, but a hidden gem that I’ve always liked more than most people. also, listening high is freaking amazing. 8/10

6) Carry That Weight – chilling. grandiloquent. gorgeous. probably the most representative track on the album, it has Golden Slumber on it, it has You Never Give Me Your Money in it, and it prepares the listener towards The End . George Martin’s work on the string section is perfect. and when I say perfect I mean perfect. 9/10

5) Here Comes The Sun – a classic, and with reason. it’s an uplifting side B opener, that introduces us to George’s softer side, if Something didn’t do that already. the progression is odd, but for the better, the guitar is a nice choice, and it all together sounds beautiful, if there ever was a word that could describe such godly arrangements. 9/10

4) I Want You (She’s So Heavy) – apart from the very long ending, it’s surely the best attempt Beatles ever had to play blues. the lyrics are short with a purpose, “an attempt at minimalistic writing”, John said, and I believe him. to me, the part that makes this track so great, is the middle verse, where they don’t even sing and John plays that amazing guitar melody that mimics the vocal part. it’s genius, and remastered it sounds like heaven. 9/10

3) The End – the ultimate Beatles’ closer. just an incredible idea, given that it was their last recorded album together and it is at the end of the album. a very good goodbye song, given that it includes a drum solo and three guitar solos from each member of the band. the last note repeating piano seems to have inspired Queen’s entire sound, if that makes any sense, and the last lyric is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. 9/10

2) Golden Slumbers – just gorgeous. the most gorgeous song I’ve ever heard coming from them. it is short, because it is honest, and it comes from the most profound place in Paul’s blessed heart. piano, strings, drums. it sounds like the most inspired arrangement I’ve heard in a single minute and 20 seconds. the album wouldn’t be the same without it, and if it was 30 second shorter, it would still be one of my favourites. such a romantic song, with so much energy coming from such simple chord progressions. I don’t know, it’s just that it shows how much they could achieve if they where given the right mood. 10/10

1) You Never Give Me Your Money – it has three sections. each one more beautiful than the last, and more beautiful that the one after it. how’s that even possible? just perfect, with sharp lyrics on every corner, even when they don’t make any sense. it gives away every secret The Beatles ever had about writing music, and it just sounds like them at their most inspired. compare this four lines: “You Never Give Me Your Money – you only give me your funny paper”, “out of college, money spent – see no future, pay no rent”, “step on the gas and wipe that tear away – one sweet dream came true today” and “one, two, three, four, five, six, seven – all good children go to Heaven”. I’ll tell you what they all have in common: simplicity and genius. 10/10

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the watusi


the twist

8 August 2019
Candlestick Park
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30 April 2019
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I disagree with this ranking a lot, but this is really well thought out.

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8 August 2019
Hollywood Bowl
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22 July 2019
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@Jules your’s is certainly quite an odd ranking, but nice to see your first post ranking your favorite “Abbey Road ” tunes.

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We do a little trolling

- Faul

13 December 2019
You can meet me after heavy rain has fallen
Candlestick Park
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5 December 2019
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This is literally the most difficult and most stressful thing I have ever done (along with ranking the songs on the White Album ): 

  1. Something
  2. Here Comes The Sun  
  3. Because
  4. Come Together
  5. Oh! Darling  
  6. The End  
  7. Golden Slumbers
  8. You Never Give Me Your Money
  9. Sun King
  10. I Want You (She’s So Heavy) 

11 Mean Mr. Mustard

  1. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
  2. Carry That Weight  
  3. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
  4. Her Majesty  
  5. Polythene Pam
  6. Octopus’s Garden

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25 February 2020
A Beginning
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22 January 2020
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1. Something – a brilliant, beautiful George track!

2. Come together – great, rocking tune. Funny lyrics as well, just as a bonus!

3. I want you (she’s so heavy) – such a fantastic composition from john!

4. You Never Give Me Your Money – my favourite from the medley. Beautiful in some parts, rocking in others. All fits together perfectly!

5. Here Comes The Sun – just such a beautiful beginning to side 2. One of George’s best.

6. Because – just such a beautiful track, with fantastic 3 part harmony. One of John’s best.

7. Octopus’s Garden – Ringo didn’t compose a lot, but boy, is this one fun!

8. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window – pretty funny little rocker from Paul.

9. Polythene Pam – pretty cool song

10. Oh! Darling – such a great paul rocker. love it!

11. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer – my favourite as a kid. Fun song. 

12. Mean Mr Mustard – funny little song from John.

13. Sun King – beautiful

14. Carry That Weight – nice tune

15. The end – a great way to go out as a band, but lacks a real tune

16. Golden Slumbers – not really memorable in any way

17. Her Majesty – does this really count as a song?

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5 March 2020
Dingle Lad
Detroit Rock Citizen
Carnegie Hall
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28 February 2020
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What is happening? And tell me how you've been.

5 March 2020
Vera Chuck and Dave
Carnegie Hall
Forum Posts: 598
Member Since:
25 February 2020
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Well, I (somehow) managed to come up with a ranking for The White Album , let’s give this a shot:

  1. Here Comes The Sun
  2. Something
  3. Oh! Darling
  4. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
  5. Octopus’s Garden
  6. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
  7. Because
  8. Golden Slumbers
  9. Carry That Weight
  10. You Never Give Me Your Money
  11. The End
  12. Polythene Pam
  13. Sun King
  14. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
  15. Come Together (overexposure from classic rock radio has sort of ruined this song for me)
  16. Her Majesty
  17. Mean Mr. Mustard

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23 April 2020
A Beginning
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11 April 2020
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18 December 2022
Elmore James
The Cavern Club
Forum Posts: 77
Member Since:
9 February 2012
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well, this is where I sit today. There is really only one stinker on the album

Best to least best

1. Here Comes The Sun

2. Something

3. Come Together

4. I Want You/She’s so Heavy

5. Because

6. You Never Give Me Your Money

7. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

8. Polythene Pam

9. The End

10. Oh! Darling

11. Mean Mr. Mustard

12. Sun King

13. Octopus’s Garden

14. Carry That Weight

15. Golden Slumbers

16. Her Majesty

17. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

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