Beatles discography: United Kingdom (UK)


My Bonnie
5 January 1962
Polydor NH 66833
My Bonnie single artwork
Love Me Do
5 October 1962
Parlophone 45-R 4949
Love Me Do single - United Kingdom
Please Please Me
11 January 1963
Parlophone 45-R 4983
Please Please Me single - United Kingdom
From Me To You
11 April 1963
Parlophone R 5015
From Me To You single - United Kingdom
She Loves You
23 August 1963
Parlophone R 5055
She Loves You single - United Kingdom
I Want To Hold Your Hand
29 November 1963
Parlophone R 5084
I Want To Hold Your Hand single - United Kingdom
Can't Buy Me Love
20 March 1964
Parlophone R 5114
Can't Buy Me Love single - United Kingdom
A Hard Day's Night
10 July 1964
Parlophone R 5160
A Hard Day's Night single - United Kingdom
I Feel Fine
27 November 1964
Parlophone R 5200
I Feel Fine single - United Kingdom
Ticket To Ride
9 April 1965
Parlophone R 5265
Ticket To Ride single - United Kingdom
23 July 1965
Parlophone R 5305
Help! single - United Kingdom
Day Tripper/We Can Work It Out
3 December 1965
Parlophone R 5389
Day Tripper single - United Kingdom
Paperback Writer
10 June 1966
Parlophone R 5452
Paperback Writer single - United Kingdom
Yellow Submarine/Eleanor Rigby
5 August 1966
Parlophone R 5493
Eleanor Rigby single - United Kingdom
Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever
17 February 1967
Parlophone R 5570
Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever single artwork - United Kingdom
All You Need Is Love
7 July 1967
Parlophone R 5620
All You Need Is Love single - United Kingdom
Hello, Goodbye
24 November 1967
Parlophone R 5655
Hello, Goodbye single - United Kingdom
Lady Madonna
15 March 1968
Parlophone R 5675
Lady Madonna single - United Kingdom
Hey Jude
30 August 1968
Apple R 5722
Hey Jude single - United Kingdom
Get Back
11 April 1969
Apple R 5777
Get Back single - United Kingdom
The Ballad Of John And Yoko
30 May 1969
Apple R 5786
The Ballad Of John And Yoko single - United Kingdom
Come Together/Something
31 October 1969
Apple R 5814
Come Together single - United Kingdom
Let It Be
6 March 1970
Apple R 5833
Let It Be single artwork - United Kingdom
Baby It's You
20 March 1995
Apple R 6406
Baby It's You single artwork
Free As A Bird
12 December 1995
Apple R 6422
Free As A Bird single artwork
Real Love
4 March 1996
Apple R 6425
Real Love single artwork

33 responses on “Beatles discography: United Kingdom (UK)

  1. Don

    it seems you have Mystery Tour out of order in this chonological listing… when you click the album it shows a much earlier original release date than 1976…

    1. Joe Post author

      MMT was released as a double-EP set in the UK in December 1967 (and is shown in the EP section of this discography), and with extra tracks as a full LP in the US and elsewhere. The album was imported to the UK but wasn’t officially released there until 1976.

  2. Rienk

    I always got the impression that I have an original UK-single of Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, coupled with While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Was that single not released in the UK? And also, wasn’t Back in the USSR not released as a single in the UK?

    1. Gerd Hanke

      “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” coupled with “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” has been released in Germany on Apple/Odeon O 24 004 as well as in Japan. “Back in the USSR” coupled with “Don’t Pass Me By” has been released in Scandinavia (I’m not sure whether it has been Sweden and/or Norway) on Apple SD 6061. “Back in the USSR” coupled with “Twist And Shout” has been released in the US. As far as I know neither of both singles have been officially released in the UK.

  3. it'smikew

    Is there any reason why you haven’t listed Rock ‘n’ Roll Music, the compilation vinyl double album released in June 1976 on Parlophone (PCSP 719). It was an official album, much like Beatles Oldies, which you have listed.

    1. Joe Post author

      Yes. Generally I only include core albums, or compilations which included previously unreleased songs (Oldies had Bad Boy on it). I would like to expand these discographies to include every release in every country, but it’d probably be an endless job. There have been so many official or unofficial compilations over the years that I had to draw the line somewhere.

      1. Von Bontee

        Well, fwiw, “Rock ‘n Roll Music” was notable for featuring the first appearance of “I’m Down” on a North American LP. (Plus “Got To Get You Into My Life” was taken from the album and released as a single that summer, becoming a big hit and consequently giving my 8-year old self my first exposure to the song!) Still, I agree it’s not feasible to include every non-UK compilation.

        But, hey: I’m just now noticing that you haven’t included the UK “Rarities” up there! Shouldn’t that be added?

      2. Disker

        I know it’s only just hit the stores, and the details have been available in ‘Latest Posts’ for some time, but it would be great to see ‘On Air’ in the discography.

    2. Disker

      The amazing ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Music’ collection included all four fabulous tracks from the ‘Long Tall Sally’ EP, as well as ‘I’m Down’. It was the first UK album to include any of these.

      I’d love to see ‘Beatles Ballads’, ‘Love Songs’, and even ‘Reel Music’ included for the artwork alone!

      1. Joe Post author

        Are you THE Disker? (Your email address suggests you might be.) If so, hello!

        I’ll try to add those albums if I get a chance, though I generally avoid compilations.

  4. Peter Mulholland

    Yestrday was released as a single in 1976 (R6013) bw I should have known better as part of the singles collection; Back In The USSR in June 1976 (R6016) bw Twist and Shout and Sgt Pepper bw A Day In The Life in 1978 (R6022)

  5. Bongo

    I’m curious of why they released “Baby It’s You” on 20 March 1995 as a single??? I get releasing Free As A Bird ’95 & Real Love ’96 as they are new releases, but “Baby It’s You” ? Why???? (see bottom of page 2)

  6. Dominic

    Baby It’s you was actually an EP & the 3 additional tracks with it hadn’t been released on the earlier Beatles Live at The BBC album which came out in Dec 94. Baby it’s You EP was released three months later in Mar 95 and did very nicely reaching no.7 in the UK. Also missing is the Movie Medley single from June 82 which reached no.10 in the UK

      1. Bongo

        I can’t believe all those great singles that were never released on any of the UK LPs (not including Oldies But Goldies) that would have made each album that much better. That’s the one and only good thing Capitol records did by including each of those great singles on the albums.

  7. Bongo

    Shouldn’t the last 3 singles be considered EPs and be on the EP Page 3? (1995 “Baby’s In Black”, “Free As A Bird” & 1996 “Real Love”)

    1. Joe Post author

      That’s a good point. They were also released as two-song 7″ singles, although I’ve not reflected that in the tracklisting. They’re generally considered singles rather than EPs, and I think it would confuse people (and lead to other comments) if I moved them to the EPs section.

  8. graham

    hi, l have meet the beatles past masters volume 1 and volume 2 on cds on capital records made in japan. on meet the beatles volume 2 on the back is the track listing, track 4 is rain there is another track listing on the cd itself which has track 4 as han instead of rain also there is another track listing on the inside cover which also states track 4 as han. was this cd withdrawn as l cannot find it anywhere on the internet. please do`es anyone have information on these cds. please let me know.

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