Twist And Shout
Summer 1963
Parlophone GEP 8882
Twist And Shout EP artwork – United Kingdom
I Want To Hold Your Hand
December 1963
Odeon GEOS 209
I Want To Hold Your Hand EP artwork – Sweden
The Liverpool Sound
December 1963
Odeon GEOS 210
‘She Loves You’
‘I’ll Get You’
‘Hello Little Girl’ (The Fourmost)
Just In Case (The Fourmost)
The Liverpool Sound EP artwork – Sweden
All My Loving
February 1964
Parlophone GEP 8891
All My Loving EP artwork – Sweden
Can’t Buy Me Love
April 1964
Odeon GEOS 216
Can't Buy Me Love EP artwork – Sweden
Long Tall Sally
June 1964
Parlophone GEP 8913
Long Tall Sally EP artwork – United Kingdom
A Hard Day’s Night
August 1964
Odeon GEOS 222
A Hard Day's Night EP artwork – Sweden
She Loves You
September 1964
Odeon GEOS 223
She Loves You EP artwork – Sweden
I Should Have Known Better
September 1964
Odeon GEOS 224
I Should Have Known Better EP artwork – Sweden
I Feel Fine
January 1965
Parlophone GEOS 225
I Feel Fine EP artwork – Sweden
Rock And Roll Music
March 1965
Parlophone GEOS 231
Rock And Roll Music EP artwork – Sweden
Ticket To Ride
May 1965
Parlophone GEOS 233
Ticket To Ride EP artwork – Sweden
September 1965
Parlophone GEOS 234
Help! EP artwork – Sweden
Dizzy Miss Lizzy
November 1965
Parlophone GEOS 237
Dizzy Miss Lizzy EP artwork – Sweden
We Can Work It Out
December 1965
Parlophone GEOS 244
We Can Work It Out EP artwork – Sweden
February 1966
Parlophone GEOS 245
Michelle EP artwork – Sweden
Bad Boy
April 1966
Parlophone GEOS 257
Bad Boy EP artwork – Sweden
Yellow Submarine
September 1966
Parlophone GEOS 262
Yellow Submarine EP artwork – Sweden
Penny Lane
March 1967
Parlophone GEOS 266
Penny Lane EP artwork – Sweden
Magical Mystery Tour
December 1967
Parlophone SMMT-1 (stereo)
Magical Mystery Tour EP artwork
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