Beatles discography: New Zealand


Please Please Me
Late 1963
Parlophone PMCM 1202 (mono)
Parlophone PCSM 3042 (stereo, 1965)
Please Please Me album artwork - New Zealand
With The Beatles
Early 1964
Parlophone PMCM 1206 (mono)
Parlophone PCSM 3045 (stereo, 1965)
With The Beatles album artwork
A Hard Day's Night
August 1964
Parlophone PMCM 1230 (mono)
Parlophone PCSM 3058 (stereo)
A Hard Day's Night album artwork - New Zealand
Beatles For Sale
January 1965
Parlophone PMCM 1240 (mono)
Parlophone PCSM 3062 (stereo)
Beatles For Sale album artwork
August 1965
Parlophone PMCM 1255 (mono)
Parlophone PCSM 3071 (stereo)
Help! album artwork
Rubber Soul
December 1965
Parlophone PMCM 1267 (mono)
Parlophone PCSM 3075 (stereo)
Rubber Soul album artwork
Beatles VI
Early 1966
Parlophone PCSM 6042 (stereo)
Beatles VI album artwork - USA
August 1966
Parlophone PMCM 7009 (mono)
Parlophone PCSM 7009 (stereo)
Revolver album artwork
Greatest Hits
October 1966
Parlophone PMCM 7533 (mono)
Greatest Hits Volume 1 album artwork - Australia, New Zealand
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
June 1967
Parlophone PCSM 7027 (stereo)
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album artwork
The Beatles (White Album)
January 1969
Parlophone/Apple PCSM 7067-7068 (stereo)
The Beatles (White Album) artwork
Yellow Submarine
March 1969
Parlophone/Apple PCSM 7070 (stereo)
Yellow Submarine album artwork
Abbey Road
October 1969
Apple PCSM 7088
Abbey Road album artwork
Hey Jude
March 1970
Apple CPCS 106 (stereo)
Hey Jude album artwork
Let It Be
May 1970
Apple PXS 1(box set)
PCSM 7096 (LP only)
Let It Be album artwork
Magical Mystery Tour
Summer 1970
World Record Club SLZ 8308 (stereo)
Magical Mystery Tour album artwork - New Zealand
The Essential Beatles
Early 1972
Apple TVSS 8
The Essential Beatles album artwork - Australia, New Zealand
A Collection Of Beatles Oldies
Parlophone PCS 7016 (stereo)
A Collection Of Beatles Oldies album artwork

8 responses on “Beatles discography: New Zealand

  1. Ross Penman

    hi there, well done on your listing of Beatles NZ released LPs, however just to correct you on one listing here – Greatest Hits was only released here in mono, even though we did press it in stereo for EMI Australia.

  2. Ben Furniss

    I picked up a absolute mint copy of With The Beatles from a second hand store in Matakana NZ, with Blue Parlophone label Cat number PMCM. 1206 Made in NZ printed on label, Gold with red writing MONO sticker wrapped over the top above the WTB title on sleeve..there is no MONO printed on sleeve. It has Tucon Music and Leeds Music logos (Australia) printed on the label and His Masters Voice (NZ) Ltd on Sleeve. Cat number doesn’t elude to a reissue…Early 1964 NZ original but Cat number looks like UK number…Anybody have any ideas?

    1. Neil Burns

      That’s definitely a NZ catalogue number. The original NZ release in 1963 was MONO PMCM 1206 with a Parlaphone black/silver label and a paper inner sleeve. In 1964 a STEREO version with a Parlaphone blue label PCSM 3045 was issued. The MONO version was reissued in 1969, again as PMCM 1206, but with an Apple label.
      I suspect what you have is a 1964 MONO reissue with the blue Parlaphone label. A common cover was used with both catalogue numbers printed in the upper right flap and differentiated by use of a red/gold MONO or STEREO oversticker placed over the inappropriate catalogue number. In your case, I believe that you would find PCSM 3045 printed and hidden beneath the MONO oversticker.

  3. Neil Burns

    I Feel Fine / She’s A Woman is NZP 3175, not 3178 as listed above.

    There are three more. perhaps others.

    NZP 3169 And I Love Her / Ringo’s Theme (This Boy)

    NZP 3236 All You Need Is Love / Baby, You’re A Rich Man

    NZP 3249 I Am The Walrus / Hello, Goodbye

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