The Beatles’ Hits
Late 1963
Parlophone GEP 8880
The Beatles' Hits EP artwork – United Kingdom
Twist And Shout
Late 1963
Parlophone GEP 8882
Twist And Shout EP artwork – United Kingdom
The Beatles No 1
Late 1963
Parlophone GEP 8883
Beatles No. 1 EP artwork – United Kingdom
All My Loving
Spring 1964
Parlophone GEP 8891
All My Loving EP artwork – United Kingdom
Can’t Buy Me Love
Spring 1964
Parlophone SOE 3750
Can't Buy Me Love EP artwork – France
Long Tall Sally
Summer 1964
Parlophone GEP 8913
Long Tall Sally EP artwork – Israel
The Beatles Vol 4
February 1966
Parlophone MOE 21004
The Beatles Vol 4 EP artwork – Israel
Paperback Writer
Summer 1966
Parlophone MOE 119
Paperback Writer EP artwork – France
Strawberry Fields Forever
March 1967
Parlophone MOE 134
Strawberry Fields Forever EP – France, Portugal
All You Need Is Love
Summer 1967
Parlophone EPOC 40023
All You Need Is Love single artwork – Germany
Your Mother Should Know
Late 1968
Parlophone SMMT-1A (stereo)
Magical Mystery Tour EP artwork – Israel
The Fool On The Hill
Late 1968
Parlophone SMMT-1B (stereo)
The Fool On The Hill EP artwork – Israel