Beatles discography: Denmark


Please Please Me
February 1963
Parlophone R 4983
Please Please Me single artwork - Denmark
From Me To You
April 1963
Parlophone R 5015
From Me To You single artwork - Denmark
Twist And Shout
June 1963
Parlophone SD 5946
Twist And Shout single artwork - Denmark
She Loves You
August 1963
Parlophone R 5055
She Loves You single artwork - Denmark
I Want To Hold Your Hand
November 1963
Parlophone R 5084
I Want To Hold Your Hand single artwork - Denmark
Can't Buy Me Love
March 1964
Parlophone R 5114
Can't Buy Me Love single artwork - Denmark
I Saw Her Standing There
May 1964
Odeon DK 1615
I Saw Her Standing There single artwork - Denmark
Roll Over Beethoven
May 1964
Odeon DK 1619
Roll Over Beethoven single artwork - Denmark
Long Tall Sally
June 1964
Odeon DK 1622
Long Tall Sally single artwork - Denmark
A Hard Day's Night
July 1964
Parlophone R 5160
A Hard Day's Night single artwork - Denmark
I Should Have Known Better
September 1964
Odeon DK 1624
I Should Have Known Better single artwork - Denmark
I Feel Fine
November 1964
Parlophone R 5200
I Feel Fine single artwork - Denmark
Rock And Roll Music
February 1965
Parlophone ND 7348
Rock And Roll Music single artwork - Denmark
Ticket To Ride
April 1965
Parlophone R 5265
Ticket To Ride single artwork - Denmark
August 1965
Parlophone R 5305
Help! single artwork - Denmark
October 1965
Parlophone DK 1635
Yesterday single artwork - Denmark
We Can Work It Out/Day Tripper
December 1965
Parlophone R 5389
We Can Work It Out single artwork - Denmark
February 1966
Parlophone SD 5987
Michelle single artwork - Denmark
Paperback Writer
June 1966
Parlophone R 5452
Paperback Writer single artwork - Denmark
Yellow Submarine/Eleanor Rigby
August 1966
Parlophone R 5493
Yellow Submarine/Eleanor Rigby single artwork - Denmark
Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever
February 1967
Parlophone R 5570
Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever single artwork - Denmark
All You Need Is Love
July 1967
Parlophone R 5620
All You Need Is Love single artwork - Denmark
Hello, Goodbye
November 1967
Parlophone R 5655
Hello, Goodbye single artwork - Denmark
Lady Madonna
March 1968
Parlophone R 5675
Lady Madonna single artwork - Denmark, Sweden
Hey Jude
August 1968
Apple/Parlophone DP 570
Hey Jude single artwork - Denmark
Get Back
April 1969
Apple R 5777
Get Back single artwork - Denmark, Sweden
The Ballad Of John And Yoko
May 1969
Apple R 5786
The Ballad Of John And Yoko single artwork - Denmark, Sweden
Something/Come Together
October 1969
Apple R 5814
Something/Come Together single artwork - Denmark
Let It Be
March 1970
Apple R 5833
Let It Be single artwork - United Kingdom
The Long And Winding Road
May 1970
Apple 6C 006-04514
The Long And Winding Road single artwork - Denmark, Germany, Sweden

9 responses on “Beatles discography: Denmark

  1. pinio65


    LP: Please Please Me
    Parlophone PCS 3042 [Stereo] Denmark
    The Beatles
    Cover Made in UK

    LP: With The Beatles
    Parlophone PCS 3045 [Stereo] Denmark
    Cover Made in UK
    Garrod & Lofthouse Ltd. without STEREO

  2. pinio65


    LP: A Hard Day’s Night
    Parlophone PCS 3058 [Stereo] Denmark
    Cover Made in UK

    LP: Beatles For Sale
    Parlophone PCS 3062 [Stereo] Denmark
    Cover Made in UK


    LP: Help!
    Parlophone PCS 3071 [Stereo] Denmark
    Cover Made in UK
    matrix number YEX 169-1/YEX 168-1.
    Without STEREO at front cover.

  3. Rafa

    So here we go again.

    The danish Beatles discography is similar to the british one. But there was an exclusive album titled “The Beatles’ Hottest Hits” (alongside with a swedish one titled “The Beatles’ Greatest Hits”) that was released only in stereo. So, here must be indicated the album with the word «stereo» as the prefix cat# was PMCS.

    Also, there was an original release in mono of “Help!” (Parlophone PMC 1255).

    In Denmark was released also the album “Hey Jude” (Apple SW 385, stereo) in February 26 1970.

    1. Rafael

      Sorry, but definetily, “The Beatles’ Hottest Hits” (alongside with the swedish one titled “The Beatles’ Greatest Hits”) was released only in mono. The S after PMC stands for the country of Sweden, I think.


  4. Rafa

    The EP’s:

    “Beatles Forever” had these consecutive tracks:
    Side 1:
    1. «Dizzy Miss Lizzy»
    2. «You Like Me Too Much»
    Side 2:
    1. «Bad Boy»
    2. «Tell Me What You See»

    “Penny Lane” had these consecutive tracks:
    Side 1:
    1. «Penny Lane»
    2. «I’m Only Sleeping»
    Side 2:
    1. «Strawberry Fields Forever»
    2. «And Your Bird Can Sing»

    The same consecutive tracklisting must be in the swedish shared EP of “Penny Lane”.


  5. YoYo

    I Feel Fine, Odeon GEOS 225 … … this e.p. must have been released before january 1965, since i had it for Christmas present in 1964 … 🙂

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