Beatles discography: Colombia


Compacto No 1
Spring 1964
Odeon OC-1132
Odeon single sleeve - Bolivia, Colombia
Compacto No 2
Autumn 1964
Odeon OC-1139
Odeon single sleeve - Bolivia, Colombia
Compacto No 3
Early 1965
Odeon OC-1140
Odeon single sleeve - Bolivia, Colombia
Compacto No 4
Early 1965
Odeon OC-1142
Odeon single sleeve - Bolivia, Colombia
Compacto No 5
Late 1965
Odeon OC-1149
Odeon single sleeve - Bolivia, Colombia
Compacto No 6
Spring 1966
Odeon OC-1155
Odeon single sleeve - Bolivia, Colombia
Autumn 1966
Odeon OC-1161
Odeon single sleeve - Bolivia, Colombia
Yellow Submarine
Autumn 1966
Odeon OC-1165
Odeon single sleeve - Bolivia, Colombia
Penny Lane
Spring 1967
Odeon OC-1169
Odeon single sleeve - Bolivia, Colombia
All You Need Is Love
Late 1967
Odeon OC-1183
Odeon single sleeve - Bolivia, Colombia

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  1. Juan Cortés

    Hello, Beatles Bible people. Just writing this to point some things about Colombian Discography (which i hope you keep in mind), told by my friend Luis Villa, one of the biggest Beatles discography collectors in this coutry (and also the best Beatle ilustrator here):

    – In the list, there’s no album called “Los Beatles Primero” (here’s a picture i found about this edition here: issued by a label called “Musical” in 1963 or 1964, we think.
    – You put in the Colombian Revolver, Yellow Submarine. This song doesn’t appear in this edition, really.
    – It’s wrong the tracklist of A collection of Beatles Oldies. The correct is: Side A – Can´t Buy me Love/Bad Boy/ Day Tripper/ PennyLane/ Slow Down/Yellow Submarine. Side B: Paperback Writter/From me to You/We can Work It Out/StraberryFields forever/Rain/Match Box.
    – In Abbey Road you put Her Majesty. It’s absent of the colombian edition, actually.

    Hope this information will be helpful for you, people. I think you have a great site, and to me it’s one of the main beatles sites in the web. Cheers.

    1. Joe Post author

      Thanks Juan – that’s very helpful. Do you have a tracklisting for Los Beatles Primero? If you (or anyone else) can let me know I’ll add the album to the list. Also, a better-quality image would be useful too.

      1. Juan Cortés

        Forgive my delay in replying. This is -i was searching and i found it- the tracklisting of Los Beatles Primero:

        Verdad Que Ella Es Dulce – Ain’t She Sweet
        Por Una Sombra – Cry For A Shadow
        Bailemos – Let’s Dance
        Mi Botecito – My Bonnie
        Ten Confianza En Mi – Take Out Some Insurance On Me, Baby
        Que Te Dije – What’d I Say
        Dulce Georgia Brown – Sweet Georgia Brown
        Los Santos – The Saints
        Ruby – Ruby Baby
        Por Que – Why
        El Niño De Nadie – Nobody’s Child
        Ya – Ya

        And about the picture, i found this. Don’t know if it’s better quiality than the late:

  2. Rafa

    Hi, Joe

    this time it’s about the prefix cat# of the mono and stereo colombian albums. First of all, I see there are «monofónico» (monofonic) and «estereofónico» (stereofonic) titles on the first five or six albums covers. I guess that the first release of each them was made only on mono, I don’t know. So, I would only correct at least their prefix cat#:

    “The Beatles’ Second Album”: T-100345 (mono)
    “Beatles ’65 Vol 3” must indicate «mono»
    “The Beatles (White Album)”: T. 100494/495 (mono), ET. 100494/495 (stereo)
    “Yellow Submarine”: T. 100499 (mono), E.T. 100499 (stereo)
    “Abbey Road”: T. 100515 (mono), ET-100515 (stereo)
    “Hey Jude”: T. 100519 (mono), ET. 100519 (stereo)
    “Let It Be”: T. 100526 (mono), E-T. 100526 (stereo)

    Greetings from Spain.

    1. Joe Post author

      Thanks Rafa (sorry for the delay in adding these).

      Are you sure any albums after Yellow Submarine were released in mono? I thought they were stereo-only by that point. Certainly they weren’t mixed in mono at Abbey Road, so they would have been fake stereo or folddown mixes done elsewhere.

      1. Rafa

        Yes, absolutely, Joe. My source comes directly from the original colombian labels of the albums “Abbey Road” and “Let it Be”. “Hey Jude” is indicated that, too, was released in both stereo and mono, but I haven’t see the original mono label of this album. So, knowing that “Let It Be” was released in mono, for sure “Hey Jude” was released surely in mono, too.

        It seems that in many countries the mono releases happened for many years more than in UK or USA, for example. That depends of local markets. Obviously, in these cases, the mono releases were a fold-down of the original stereo mixes of the albums.

      2. Rafa

        Hello, Joe

        I see that there weren’t made changes on the “Abbey Road”, “Hey Jude” and “Let It Be” albums. You can trust me, Joe, the info that I posted to you above (the cat# of these three albums) it’s absolutely right. If I wasn’t sure about the info, I wouldn’t insist of the convenient changes here. My source in these cases comes from a web site that shows the original colombian mono and stereo labels of “Abbey Road” and “Let It Be”. As I have coment in the past, the colombian album “Hey Jude” is indicated that it was issued in both mono and stereo, too, but in this case, no original label is shown (or scanned). But surely, it was released in mono and stereo like the precedent album “Abbey Road” and the album that would to come, “Let It Be”.

        Remember that in Brazil there were mono and stereo releases of the last three Beatles albums, too. This must be considered normal, because of the peculiarity of local markets in many countries.

        Greetings. 🙂

        1. Joe Post author

          Thanks. Sorry, I overlooked those.

          If I don’t reply straight away, don’t worry. It’s just because real life’s getting in the way! I’ll get to things eventually, so please be patient!

  3. Rafa

    The EP’s:

    The correct cat# on the fifth colombian EP (with the song «Help!») was OC-1149.

    There is missed the seventh EP titled “Revolver” (OC-1161) in the cronological serie:
    Side 1:
    1. «Taxman»
    2. «Love You Too»
    Side 2:
    1. «She Said She Said»
    2. «Dr. Robert»

    The correct cat# on the ninth colombian EP (with the song «Strawberry Fields Forever») was OC-1169.

    I would say that the Beatles EP’s in Colombia were released from 1966 on, not earlier. That’s why they formed the serie «Compact number…» stated on the label («Compacto No.1», «Compacto No.2», «Compacto No.3,», …). Alse the cat# of each of the EP’s was very close to the other.

    1. Rafa


      I want to rectify the last post from me, about the date releases of the colombiam EP from 1966 on. Maybe it’s no true, I’m no sure. So, because that, I would let stay the date releases without changes them.

      Sorry for this bother, but in much cases, the information of Beatles disc releases is so much confused, it’s hard to take the right info for my purposes.

      Greetings from Spain. 🙂

  4. Álvaro Martín Gómez Acevedo

    I have a question just for the sake of curiosity: Is this discography intended to be just about the albums released during the band’s existence? There are many compilations released in Colombia during the seventies and eighties (“The Beatles Ballads”, “Love Songs”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Music”, “20 Greatest Hits” to name a few) that don’t appear here. Also, “The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl” and “Rarities” (UK version) were released in Colombia, and I’ve always thought these are important albums in The Beatles’ discography since they aren’t the typical compilation albums.

    1. Joe Post author

      Yes, I’ve generally limited the discographies to those released during the group’s lifespan. There have been so many compilations and reissues since then it would be impossible to list them all (not just for Columbia).

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