Beatles discography: Chile


Con Los Beatles
Early 1964
Odeon LDC 36465 (mono)
Con Los Beatles album artwork - Chile
Otro De Los Beatles
Early 1964
Odeon LDC 36471 (mono)
Otro De Los Beatles album artwork - Chile
A Hard Day's Night
Summer 1964
Odeon LDC 36506 (mono)
A Hard Day's Night album artwork - Chile
Los Beatles Cantan Para Usted (Beatles For Sale)
Early 1965
Odeon LDC 36513 (mono)
Los Beatles Cantan Para Usted (Beatles For Sale) album artwork - Chile
Summer 1965
Odeon LDC 36543 (mono)
Help! album artwork - Chile
Historia De Los Beatles
Odeon A-2002 (LDC 36914/5) (mono)
Con Los Beatles En Actuacion (On Stage With The Beatles)
Como Empezo La Beatlemania (How Beatlemania Began)
La Beatlemania En Accion (Beatlemania In Action)
Un Hombre Detras De Los Beatles (Man Behind The Beatles - Brian Epstein)
John Lennon
¿Quien Es Un Millonario? (Who's A Millionaire?)
Los Beatles Seran Siempre Los Beatles (Beatles Will Be Beatles)
Un Hombre Detras De La Musica (Man Behind The Music) - George Martin
George Harrison
La Noche De Un Dia Agitado (A Hard Day's Night)
Paul McCartney
El Cuidadoso Corte De Pelo Y Algo Mas Sobre Paul (Sneaky Haircuts And More About Paul)
Los Beatles Miran A La Vida (The Beatles Look At Life)
'Victimas' De La Beatlemania ('Victims' Of Beatlemania)
Seleccion Beatle (Beatle Medley)
Ringo Starr
Liverpool Y El Mundo Entero (Liverpool And All the World!)
Historia De Los Beatles album artwork - Chile
Rubber Soul
January 1966
Odeon LDC 36565 (mono)
Rubber Soul album artwork
Summer 1966
Odeon LDC 36585 (mono)
Revolver album artwork
A Collection Of Beatles Oldies
9 December 1966
Parlophone PMC 7016 (mono)
A Collection Of Beatles Oldies album artwork
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
June 1967
Odeon LDC 36623 (mono)
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album artwork
The Beatles Vol I
Early 1969
Apple 2001 (mono)
The Beatles (White Album) artwork - Chile
The Beatles Vol II
Early 1969
Apple 2002 (mono)
The Beatles (White Album) artwork - Chile
Yellow Submarine
March 1969
Apple 2003 (mono)
Yellow Submarine album artwork
Abbey Road
November 1969
Apple 2006 (mono)
Abbey Road album artwork
Hey Jude
March 1970
(S) Apple 2007 (stereo)
Hey Jude album artwork
Let It Be
August 1970
(S) Apple 2010 (stereo)
Let It Be album artwork

20 responses on “Beatles discography: Chile

      1. Rafa

        The chilean “Magical Mystery Tour” EP had the same UK artwork, but, as in many other southamerican countries, the booklet was translated into Spanish and printed locally.

  1. Rafa

    Some corrections here:

    “The Beatles Vol I” and “The Beatles Vol II” were released only in mono on that cat# Apple 2001 and Apple 2002, respectively.

    “Yellow Submarine” was released only in mono on that cat# Apple 2003.

    “Abbey Road” was released in mono on that cat# Apple 2006.

    “Hey Jude” and “Let It Be” were released in mono/stereo compatible on the cat# (S)Apple 2007 and (S)Apple 2010, respectively.

      1. Rafa

        Only a comentary:

        I see in the discography section that the albums until 1967 were released in stereo, too. But I must say that’s no true. The only album that I know was released in stereo was “Otro de los Beatles” (the “Please Please Me” album), and this was a reedition. Sure that there were released stereo albums of the originaly released in mono ones. But these comes later, surely at the end of the ’60.

        At least, it’s make nonsense that there were stereo releases until 1967, and suddenly stop it’s. I would eliminate the stereo indication of the albums except for “Hey Jude” and “Let It Be”.

        1. Rafa

          Oh, sorry, Joe, but maybe you haven’t understand me. “Hey Jude” and “Let It Be” was released ¡only! in stereo. What I have try to say was that these albums was possible to hear them in mono, too. That’s why stated on these albums «mono/stereo compatible». So, I would eliminate the mono indication ones of these albums.

          Sorry, Joe, for these bother.

  2. Vinko Mili?

    A real classic. Also another single was released in 1964, I remember the title of side B: “Long Tall Sally” in a EMI ODEON single. Also “Another One Of The Beatles” was released in cassette in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s in stereo code 105052.
    Side A
    01 – I Saw Her Standing There
    02 – Misery
    03 – Anna, Go To Him (Alexander)
    04 – Chains (Goffin – King)
    05 – Boys (Dixon – Farrell)
    06 – Ask Me Why
    07 – Please… Please Me
    Side B
    08 – Love Me Do
    09 – P.S. I Love You
    10 – Baby, It’s You (David – Williams – Bacharach)
    11 – Do You Want To Know A Secret?
    12 – A Taste Of Honey (Scott – Marlow)
    13 – There’s A Place
    14 – Twist And Shout
    The resting songs are by John Lennon & Paul McCartney.
    The artwork are locally adapted.
    Remastered from original master tapes.

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