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Filming: Paul McCartney’s unused scene in A Hard Day’s Night

Paul McCartney filmed a solo sequence for The Beatles' debut feature film A Hard Day's Night on this day. However, it was omitted from the final cut. Read more »

Filming: A Hard Day’s Night

The Beatles filmed scenes outside the Scala Theatre in London on this day, and also in the nearby Scala Street, Tottenham Street and Charlotte Mews.

The Scala Theatre was where the concert performance for A Hard Day's Night had been filmed on 31 March 1964.

Filming: A Hard Day’s Night

This was the last of four consecutive days spent filming at the Scala Theatre in London.

After this date The Beatles enjoyed an Easter break before returning to the Scala on 31 March. In between, John and Cynthia Lennon went with George Harrison and Pattie Boyd to Dromolan Castle in County Clare, Ireland. Ringo Starr spent the weekend at Woburn Abbey as the guest of Lord Rudolph Russell, and Paul McCartney remained in London.