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    The 'A Hard Day's Night' opening chord

    Rickenbacker guitarThe distinctive clang which opens A Hard Day's Night became one of the most iconic sounds of the 1960s. Instantly recognisable, it was the perfect beginning to the group's third album and debut feature film. Read more »

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    Abbey Road

    Abbey Road album coverThe Beatles' last-recorded album was a triumph. Coming after the troubled Let It Be sessions, the group pulled together for a final collection of songs that rank among their all-time best. Read more »

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    "Often the backing I think of early on never comes off. With Tomorrow Never Knows I'd imagined in my head that in the background you would hear thousands of monks chanting, that was impractical of course, and we did something different. I should have tried to get near my original idea, the monks singing, I realize now that was what I wanted." - John Lennon

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    Paul McCartney

    Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney was a singer and multi-instrumentalist in The Beatles. With John Lennon, he was half of one of the world's most successful songwriting teams in history. Read more »