Paul McCartney live at Estadio de Liga, Quito, Ecuador

The 37th concert of Paul McCartney's Out There tour took place at the Estadio de Liga in Quito, Ecuador.

It was the fifth of six shows in South America. The only deviation from McCartney's standard setlists was a snippet of All You Need Is Love during the second encore.

McCartney's band was Paul 'Wix' Wickens (vocals, keyboards, guitar, percussion, harmonica), Brian Ray (vocals, guitar, bass), Rusty Anderson (vocals, guitar) and Abe Laboriel Jr (vocals, drums).

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3 responses on “Paul McCartney live at Estadio de Liga, Quito, Ecuador

  1. Trond G.

    From an interview on this day in 1969:
    “McCartney ended by looking into the future, saying he didn’t want to be playing rock ‘n’ roll at “sixty with grey hair,” but that he’d continue singing and making music until his last days.”

  2. Diego Velez

    I have a question. I was at the concert in Estadio La Liga in “Quito” and I was very surprise when he played “All You Need is Love” almost at the end of the concert. It was just a little snippet of the song. Usually, Paul only plays one John Lennon’s song in his concerts. In that concert he had already played fully “For the Benefit of Mr. Kite”; so why he played All You Need is Love? Here’s my hypothesis: Ecuador is engaged in a heavy tourism campaign and bought the right to use ‘All you need is love’ song. I believe he was asked to play the song at the concert by some Ecuadorian authorities… perhaps the president itself. Is that possible? How Paul may have felt about it?

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