Paul McCartney live at Bonnaroo Festival

Paul McCartney headlined the second night of the 2013 Bonnaroo Music Festival in Great Stage Park, Manchester, Tennessee, performing before 80,000 people.

It was the 13th stop on McCartney's Out There tour, and the only one so far to be part of a music festival. The band were taken to the venue with a police escort.

McCartney's band was Paul 'Wix' Wickens (vocals, keyboards, guitar, percussion, harmonica), Brian Ray (vocals, guitar, bass), Rusty Anderson (vocals, guitar) and Abe Laboriel Jr (vocals, drums).

Escort service to Bonnaroo

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McCartney improvised a song for the Bonnaroo audience during the set.

The setlist:

Previous Out There tour dates:

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3 responses on “Paul McCartney live at Bonnaroo Festival

  1. JakeRainey

    Hey Joe, I noticed you had spelt Bonnaroo wrong multiple times. I was also at the show, it was awesome. He made a comment about how he could “smell all the good weed getting smoked.” As my second time seeing him I have to say that he is just an amazing performer. Thanks for the site also, I waste about 50% of each day just reading.

  2. Crystal M

    The record must show Sir Paul did an AMAZING sound check too. It was sooo long and magical! It was like Beatlemania took over Roo when my hubby and I realized who was serenading us while we were on the food line. We rushed as fast as possible to the optimal viewing area and danced to a surprise (approx) one hour jam. Bonnaroo Thursday night will never be the same!
    The regular set on my birthday that weekend was fabulous. I’ve been a fan all my life, I have travelled to Liverpool a few times as a tourist and am thrilled & thankful to have Roo-ed with Sir Paul and his crew.

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