Paul McCartney lends his support to Obama re-election campaign

Hey, hi there. This is a message to our North American fans mainly. As you know tomorrow, November the 6th, is voting day and we would like to urge you to get out there and vote. Very important.

Three of the guys are American in the band. They've voted already. You know who they voted for? Obama! And this is who we think you should vote for.

Tell all your friends, get all your mates, let's get him back into office. Mr Obama.

Vote Obama. Go and do it. Get back.

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4 responses on “Paul McCartney lends his support to Obama re-election campaign

    1. chris jay

      Yes, so pleased about O’s re-election! Also, chuffed that Paul joins Progressives in demonstrating by default that—yet again—conservatives are are the WRONG side of history

  1. Bill

    Excuse me Chris Jay, but let’s remember that there are many Beatles and McCartney fans who aren’t necessarily Obama supporters.

    To say that conservatives ‘are on the wrong side of history’ is not only very arrogant, it also encourages intimidating and stifling others who have differing political views. I happen to know many people whom you would call conservative who are big Beatles fans.

    I love McCartney’s music, but as a non-US citizen, he shouldn’t have involved himself in another country’s political election.

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