Paul McCartney live at Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile

Sir Paul McCartney performed in Chile for the first time since 1993, with a show at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago.

The concert followed Monday's performance in Lima, Peru, and comes ahead of two sold-out dates in Brazil later this month.

The Santiago setlist was the same as in Lima:

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2 responses on “Paul McCartney live at Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile

  1. Valdiviano

    I was there, and was the most perfect and touching concert I ever seen, I traveled from Valdivia 800 Kms away from Santiago, in the south of the south, and worth every, penny, every sleepless hours, every sweat drop, all worth, to see the magnificent master, Mr. James Paul Mccartney, I screamed like a teenage, and I am 35 yeras old guy (today is my birthday by the way), I cried when he sang “Something” in honor of our beloved George, I sang with a knot in my throat and I laughed with his warms jokes.
    He realy is a master, a demigod of rock and roll, for mi he is just a GOD, like was John and George and Ringo, they still are they always will be. I was lucky, many people, who love him, and love the Beatles, can`t go inside, because they don`t have the money for the tickets, but they listened outside of the stadium. That shows you the power of the music of the Beatles, in this case, the power of Paul. This is a experience I will never forget in my life, this is something I will treasure deep deep inside of mi heart and my mind.
    Love to all of you.

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