Paul McCartney live: Bell Centre, Montreal, Canada

Sir Paul McCartney performed the third Canadian concert for his Up And Coming Tour at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

During the show he performed The Beatles’ 1965 song ‘Michelle’ for the first time on the tour.

After performing ‘Blackbird’, McCartney told the crowd how he tried not to read the signs held by audience members while performing, but sometimes they were hard to miss. He acknowledged one, which read: “Paul will you autograph my arm? I have an appointment with a tattoo parlour.”

Later in the show, following a performance of ‘Yesterday’ in the second encore, the fan holding the sign was brought onto the stage to have her arm signed. McCartney told the crowd: “Well, she already made the appointment, so you know…” He asked if her parents were happy for her to have the tattoo before signing her arm, giving her a hug and kiss, and sending her back to the crowd.

The setlist

Last updated: 21 July 2021
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