Paul McCartney live at Hampden Park, Glasgow

Sir Paul McCartney performed before 55,000 people at Hampden Park, Scotland's national stadium in Glasgow.

Support came from Sharleen Spiteri, the Glaswegian singer formerly of the band Texas. McCartney and his band took to the stage at 8pm.

The set was largely the same as previous dates on the Up And Coming Tour, but notably included Mull Of Kintyre in the second encore.

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One response on “Paul McCartney live at Hampden Park, Glasgow

  1. Gordon Russell

    I was there….a wee review I did back then for my pals……
    McCartney was superb. 2 hours 45 minutes. Normally I get bored with long shows but he had the material to hold your attention. It was well paced with The Beatles songs coming fast and furious towards the end and the encores. I needn’t have worried about his vocals as the were strong throughout. He played bass, piano, acoustic and electric guitar with some ferocious lead. The band were excellent as you’d imagine. In a live context even some of the dodgy solo stuff worked. His between songs patter was pretty much what he’s said elsewhere but was entertaining and I don’t remember hearing before that Blackbird is about the U.S.Civil Rights movement in the 60’s. He inevitablly commented on the “great audience” but from 45 rows back in the East Stand I didn’t think the reaction was all that brilliant until later on.
    When you look at the setlist you can see its basically his most popular songs. i.e. Ob La Di Ob la da was a big hit for The Marmalade and Helter Skelter has been covered loads. Interestingly all but three are from no later than the 70’s! (Dance Tonight from Memory Almost Full plus Highway and Sing the Changes for the last Fireman album). Nothing from the 80’s or 90’s. Sensible.
    It was about three quarters full, maybe 35,000. Its disappointing to think that probably more people went to see Coldplay there last year. I think there are plenty tickets left for Cardiff too. Audience ranged from under 10 to over 70. Its probably the best outdoor show I’ve seen (I haven’t seen many really, Bowie, Stones, U2, Prince) but I doubt I’ll go to another. 80% of the audience are looking at a dot on stage or a screen. £60 for a cheapseat and £4 a pint. Sound was pretty good though. You could hear everything he said and sang clearly but it wasn’t too easy to separate the instruments at times.
    Sharleen Spiteri wisely did a greatest hits 45 minutes that was alright. She certainly can sing but I found it a bit dull.

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