Apple Corps announces USB drive containing The Beatles’ music

Apple Corps and EMI Music have announced a limited edition USB drive containing The Beatles' back catalogue.

The Beatles' apple USB collection

The apple-shaped drives will contain remastered versions of The Beatles' 14 stereo albums, alongside the 13 short documentary films that were included in the recent CD reissues, as well as artwork, photographs and liner notes.

The 16 GB drives will feature a specially-designed Flash interface. The music will be encoded in both FLAC 24-bit/44.1 kHz and mp3 at 320 kbps.

The drive will be on sale 7 December (8 December in North America). The Beatles' official store lists the drives at $279.99 USD or £200 GBP, although Amazon are listing them for less. Only 30,000 will be made available worldwide.

The albums included on the USB drive are:

Previous efforts to make The Beatles' back catalogue available as a digital download via Apple Inc's iTunes Music Store had stalled.

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5 responses on “Apple Corps announces USB drive containing The Beatles’ music

  1. Sebastian del Buey

    Another way to squeeze us Beatles fans out of our last penny. Congratulations Apple/EMI, on top of leaving me with almost no cash for the rest of the year (either way, it was worth getting all the Beatles CDs), you still insult my intelligence by trying to sell me the same music on a USB stick that wont last me a year…and youre charging me the same as the cds for it…you people are geniuses and us consumers are insanely dumb.

  2. Javier Moreno

    Don’t buy that flash drive. It’s an insult to all fans. If they had released it on 9/9/9, it would have been a nice treat and maybe lots of people would have bought that instead of CDs. But no, they had to wait to the 29th Anniversary of John’s slaying to come up with this. What a shame.

  3. Wayne

    Hmmm, 30,000? We’ll see. I bet EMI pukes them out as long as they will sell. Kinda like the 10,000 mono box sets that sold out and are now into their subsequent pressings.

  4. Snap Wilson

    I didn’t shell out for the stereo versions (and I’m oh so glad). Yes, I will be getting this (and transferring the songs to a larger drive). 24-bit, 44.1 khz, thank you, thank you. Why they didn’t release the remasters on DVD I’ll never understand.

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