Beatles fans mark 40 years of Abbey Road photoshoot

Hundreds of Beatles fans gathered at the famous Abbey Road zebra crossing to commemorate 40 years since The Beatles were photographed crossing it.

The gathering took place on the morning of Saturday 8 August. The Beatles' famous photo session outside EMI Studios took place from 11.35am on the same day in 1969.

Crowds of people gathered and stopped traffic. Among them was Tony Bramwell, The Beatles' road manager and an Apple insider, who was present on that day in 1969. Bramwell was signing copies of the new paperback edition of his book, Magical Mystery Tours, at the nearby Beatles Coffee Shop.

Other than Paul and Ringo, I'm the only person alive who was here on that day. It's great to see that the whole thing carries on.
Tony Bramwell

Also present were Sgt Pepper's Only Dart Board Band, a tribute act who wore replicas of the costumes worn by The Beatles 40 years before. Those unable to attend could view the gathering on the Abbey Road webcam.

The famous Abbey Road photograph was one of six taken by Iain Macmillan. Since then the location has been a key site for Beatles pilgrims from around the world.

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4 responses on “Beatles fans mark 40 years of Abbey Road photoshoot

  1. joseph shields

    the police van on the right , my father in law parked it there and is holding up the traffic,so the beatles can cross. i would love to see some photos of that,so i could show him.his van is parked the wrong way,as he was late for his duty and just abandoned it so he could get to the “post”.anyone out there got any pictures,or know of any showing the other view!

    1. Randy Ervin

      Mr. Shields, I am a police officer in the U.S. I am writing a book about ordinary police officers who somehow became involved in something extraordinary. I have long been fascinated by the story of an officer stopping traffic for this picture, and wondered who it was. Can you tell me your father in law’s name, and any information about his experience that day? My name is Randy Ervin. My email address is Thank you.

    2. Randy Ervin

      Mr. Shields,

      I am a police officer in the U.S. I am writing a book about ordinary police officers who were involved in something extraordinary, and have long been fascinated with the story of the officer who held up traffic for this photo shoot. However, I have been unable to find out his name or anything about him. Do you mind emailing me at with any information? Thanks!

  2. Jim Austin

    I did my “Abbey Road, Yuma Style” photo shoot on August 8, 2009, in commemoration. The photo made the front page of the Yuma Sun newspaper and the story appeared on KSWT ch. 13 10pm newscast. I portrayed Paul McCartney, while Hector Pereda was George Harrison, Jeff “Woody” Woodruff was Ringo Starr and Terry Timlin was John Lennon. Manny Campa took the photo, and Nancy brought the 1969 VW Beetle. Since in was shot in Yuma, Arizona, in AUGUST, where temperatures soar well past 100 degrees, I really burned my feet (suffered for my art)! Fortunately, it was unseasonably cool at only about 105 degrees, and we had an ambulance for the photo shoot so my feet were taken care of afterwards (thanks, Woody!).

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