John Lennon’s former girlfriend May Pang visits his childhood home

John Lennon's former girlfriend, May Pang, visited the Beatle's childhood home during a visit to the city.

May Pang, 58, had an 18-month relationship with Lennon in the 1970s during his temporary separation from a period he later dubbed his "lost weekend".

Pang visited Liverpool with her daughter Lara to see Cynthia and Julian Lennon's new exhibition at the Beatles Story. While there she visited John Lennon's home childhood home, Mendips, at 251 Menlove Avenue, Liverpool. The house is now owned by the National Trust.

I've known Cynthia since the 70s, and we've remained friends.

I'm just really happy to be here for the exhibition launch and to see them.

I'll also be doing a little bit of sightseeing with Lara - I love Liverpool and she's always heard me talk about it.

White Feather: Spirit Of Lennon opens at the Beatles Story tomorrow.

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One response on “John Lennon’s former girlfriend May Pang visits his childhood home

  1. L.Revolution

    May Pang is my compatriot,she’s a Chinese American,Her Chinese name is Pang Feng Yiï.
    Ive found some interesting details in John Lennon’s life that through his life there are many relations with “East”.For instances, His widow Yoko Ono is a Japanese,ex-lover Pang is a Chinese,and during the Beatles period,he’s addicted in Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,in Bed Peace,he read Taoism classics with Yoko Ono then he got interest in I-Ching,a traditional classic in China about two thousand years ago.(in song “god” he sang”I don’t believe in I-Ching),and also,he talked about Mao Zedong,a dictator in Chinese history once or twice.(like song”Revolution”).

    Maybe these are all like cliche,have no any use.But I think it’s funny to know John Lennon from anther angle.

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