US single release: Mother by John Lennon

John Lennon’s single ‘Mother’ was released in the USA on 28 December 1970.

‘Mother’ was edited for the release; the shorter version has been used subsequently on compilations. The opening tolling bells were removed, and the song was faded early. It was also presented in mono.

Mother single artwork - John Lennon

The single, which had Yoko Ono’s song ‘Why’ on the b-side, was not a chart success. Lennon had considered issuing ‘Love’ instead, but there was not a follow-up release.

See, I keep thinking ‘Mother’ is a commercial record, because all the time I was writing it, it was the one I was singing the most and it’s the one that seemed to catch on in my head…

I write singles. I write them all the same way. But ‘Mother’ – you’ve got to take into account the lyrics, too. If I can capture more sales by singing about love than singing about my mother, I’ll do it.

John Lennon, 1970
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