Ringo Starr is interviewed for the BBC’s Scene And Heard

BBC radio presenter David Wigg had interviewed each of The Beatles on several occasions in recent months. On this day he recorded the last of his Beatles-era interviews, with Ringo Starr at the Apple Corps headquarters on Savile Row, London.

The interview was for the BBC Radio 1 series Scene And Heard, and was broadcast in two consecutive editions, from 3-4pm on 29 March and 5 April 1970.

The first edition’s interview began with Starr discussing “the soul brother” John Lennon, whose fearlessness the drummer expressed admiration for. “He could jump off the Eiffel Tower and I’d approve it,” Starr said.

Wigg asked if The Beatles’ wives had much influence over their husbands’ activities. “Some of them have more than others,” Starr replied. He described Maureen Starkey’s main strength as looking out for the group’s British fans, an example of which was her pressing for the proposed January 1969 concert to be held in England rather than abroad.

Starr spoke of his interest in developing an acting career, saying that he had already made a name as a comic actor. He also spoke of his debut album Sentimental Journey, and of the dancing in the promotional film for the title track.

On the subject of the rumours of The Beatles’ split, Starr claimed the group was as united as ever, and blamed the music press for generating controversy.

The 5 April edition focused on Sentimental Journey, with Starr describing the circumstances surrounding the recording and praising the timeless nature of the songs. He explained why different arrangers were used to introduce variety into the project, and said he was considering the title track and ‘Whispering Grass’ for future single releases. The latter song was played at the end of the interview.

Wigg continued interviewing the former Beatles into their solo careers, with the last of his interviews taking place in December 1973. An album containing extracts from his recorded interviews was released in the United Kingdom in January 1976, and two years later in the United States.

Last updated: 3 August 2021
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