Recording: Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing by Ringo Starr

Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey Road
Producer: George Martin

Ringo Starr had two recording sessions on this day. This first one was for the Sentimental Journey album, while the second, in the evening, was for the single ‘It Don’t Come Easy’.

The first session took place from 2.30-5pm, and saw the completion of the song ‘Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing’. It was the Sentimental Journey song which required the most work, with sessions taking place on 26 December 1969 (without Starr), 14 January, and 3, 5 and 17 February 1970.

On this day eight singers, two flutes, an organ and a vibraphone were recorded. Stereo mixing took place on the following day, but the final mix was made on 6 March 1970.

Recording, mixing: It Don't Come Easy by Ringo Starr
Recording: It Don't Come Easy by Ringo Starr
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