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George and Pattie Harrison are fined for drugs possession

On 12 March 1969, George Harrison and his wife Pattie had their Esher home raided by the Drugs Squad. Following an initial court appearance six days later, their trial took place on this day.

George and Pattie Harrison outside Esher and Walton Magistrates' Court, 31 March 1969

It took place at Esher and Walton Magistrates’ Court. The Harrisons pleaded guilty to possessing the cannabis, which was likely to have been planted in the house by police officers.

George wore a navy blue suit and Pattie wore a crimson velvet jacket. The couple were each fined £250 plus 10 guineas each in court costs, and were put on probation for a year.

Esher and Walton Magistrates Court closed in 1993 and is now a youth club and theatre school.

Last updated: 1 June 2020
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