Paul McCartney produces Mary Hopkin’s Goodbye

Paul McCartney produced a session for Mary Hopkin on this day at Morgan Studios in London.

Two songs were worked on: Goodbye, the follow-up single to Hopkin's debut Those Were The Days, and the b-side Sparrow.

Goodbye was written by McCartney. He had recorded a solo demo at his home, 7 Cavendish Road, London, in February 1969. Hopkin's recording raised the key from C to E.

He did demo Goodbye for me, which he wrote and then produced. And when we recorded it we played the guitar part together, plus Paul added a thigh slap all through the song and played ukulele.
Mary Hopkin
Record Collector, 1988

Cover of Mary Hopkin's single Goodbye (French release)

On Goodbye Hopkin sang and performed acoustic guitar, while McCartney played bass guitar, an acoustic guitar introduction and solo, thigh-slapping percussion, ukulele and drums. Backing vocals, horns and strings, arranged by Richard Hewson, were also added.

The b-side, Sparrow, was written by Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle, a songwriting duo signed to Apple Publishing who found fame as Gallagher And Lyle in the 1970s. Hopkin sang and played guitar, McCartney added maracas, a session musician played upright bass, and Hewson arranged a choir part.

Although I'm flattered that Paul wrote Goodbye especially for me, it was, I believe, a step in the wrong direction for me. I'm so grateful that he chose Those Were The Days as my first single. I think Those Were The Days, being originally a Ukrainian folk song, has a timeless quality, but Goodbye is set firmly in the sixties pop era.
Mary Hopkin
Goldmine magazine, 2007

The session was filmed by Apple's Tony Bramwell for a promotional clip. In the footage, Hopkin is seen miming to the song inside the studio, and there are shots of her and McCartney in the control room listening to a playback.

This was the first of two sessions for the songs; the second was on the following day, 2 March 1969. Morgan Studios was situated at 169-171 High Road in Willesden Green, London.

Recording: Old Brown Shoe, All Things Must Pass, Something
Paul McCartney produces Mary Hopkin's Goodbye
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