Recording: Electronic Sound by George Harrison

While producing sessions for Jackie Lomax’s debut album Is This What You Want in Los Angeles, George Harrison was introduced to synthesizer player Bernie Krause.

Harrison met Krause on 11 November 1968. Krause had been hired to perform his Moog III on five of Lomax’s songs at Sound Records Studio in Los Angeles.

Harrison was intrigued by the early synthesizer, and after the session ended asked him to demonstrated its range of sounds. Krause duly remained in the studio with Harrison into the early hours of 12 November.

Krause’s demonstration was recorded, and was later edited down to a 25-minute piece featuring two tracks of Moog sounds. The recording was subsequently released by Harrison as No Time Or Space on his second solo album Electronic Sound.

Krause later launched legal action against Harrison, claiming that the recording was made without his knowledge or consent, and was issued without due acknowledgement. Krause’s name had originally featured on the cover of Electronic Sound, but was painted over at Harrison’s assistance. The album did, however, carry the words “Assisted by Bernie Krause”.

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