Lennon and McCartney give interviews in New York

Q: I heard that you were in New York because of a lawsuit.

John Lennon: Rubbish. We’re here to talk about apples, you know.

Q: Is it true that Ringo wants to be in a Broadway play?

John Lennon: It’s being filmed by the National Theater in England. I don’t know what’s going on here!

Q: Do you have any plans for showing Magical Mystery Tour in this country?

John Lennon: Yes. We’ll put it on in the street with a screen and a projector.

Q: According to the press release, Apple will be making animated cartoons, TV programs, and TV commercials. What sort of thing will your company do that we don’t see on TV now?

John Lennon (to Paul): We don’t know, do we?

Paul McCartney: No.

John Lennon: We haven’t started.

Paul McCartney: We only came over here to plan it so we don’t know too much about it yet. We’ll tell you about it quietly someday, you know, give you the old program.

Q: Are the Beatles still meditating?

John Lennon: Yeah.

Paul McCartney: Yeah, now and then.

John Lennon: At this moment!

Q: Do you ever want to trip out again?

John Lennon: You never know, do you? It’s hard to be very specific, because I don’t know what I’m doing, do I?

Q: What kind of electronic devices do you plan to manufacture?

Paul McCartney: Ah, the electronic things. Well, they’re not like gimmicks. They are just great inventions. Our friend Alex over there is a genius. And he’s beautiful, he’s just incredible.

John Lennon: There’s no such thing as a genius, you know. But if there are any, he’s one.

Q: Can you give us an example?

John Lennon: No! You know about those long, nasty men in brown raincoats and sunglasses that you discover in the business world. And so, you don’t say what it is until it’s out, do you?

Paul McCartney: But it’s incredible.

Q: The press release says that you have established a foundation for selected charities. Can you explain?

John Lennon: Well, it’s a fund not specifically for charities, you know. But there is some way in which you can do something where you set up a foundation to pay for people who want to make films about a glass on a table. There’s some way of doing it. So, we’ll find out and do that.

Q: Have any of Alex’s inventions been used on any of your records?

John Lennon: No. but possibly on our next record.

Q: Why did you return to an almost Mersey-like beat for ‘Lady Madonna’?

John Lennon: Because we felt like it.

Paul McCartney: There’s nothing in it, but that was it. A record like any other would smell as sweet!

Q: Speaking of politics, what do you think of the Liberian Movement for Liberation?

John Lennon: I haven’t heard about it. But good luck to ’em!

Q: What do you think about what’s been going on at Columbia University?

Paul McCartney: What’s been going on?

John Lennon: They’ve been on strike, the same thing that’s going on elsewhere. Something’s going on!

Q: Are drugs more important to the youth of today than they were four years ago?

John Lennon: I don’t know what they’re doing. I have no idea.

Paul McCartney: It’s probably about the same. Maybe a little less.

Q: Can you give us some idea of the capitalization of Apple?

John Lennon: No. We can only use our common sense and have the right people to handle these things like capitalization.

Paul McCartney: What’s that mean? Capitalization?

Q: How much money are you putting in?

John Lennon: I don’t know – and that’s the joke!

Paul McCartney: We’ll do the details some other time, because we don’t know.

Q: We hear that you are about to make a distribution deal for films with a major US corporation. Will this influence your choice of material?

Paul McCartney: No.

John Lennon: Any deals we make will be short-term. We’ll be sure to get what we want. Otherwise, we won’t do it. So, we’ll make sure.

Last updated: 12 July 2022
Lennon and McCartney give interviews to US press
John Lennon and Paul McCartney return from promoting Apple in New York
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