Mixing, editing: Within You Without You

Studio Two (control room), EMI Studios, Abbey Road
Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Geoff Emerick

‘Within You Without You’ was completed during this session, with the creation of final mono and stereo mixes.

The session took place in the control room of Studio Two, from 7pm until 12.45am. For each of the mixes the tape was sped up a semitone, raising the key from C to C sharp major.

When ‘Within You Without You’ was first recorded on 15 March 1967, the song was referred to as having three parts, although it was recorded as one. The numbering of the parts continued through to this session, with part one mixed separately from two and three.

The mono mixes were the first to be done. Mixes 6-11 of part one were the first to be made, followed by mix 12 of parts two and three. These were then edited together, with an additional overdub of laughter to the end of the song. Artificial double tracking was also added to Harrison’s vocals.

The stereo mixes were next. Part one was mixed in three attempts, numbered 1-3, which were followed by mixes four and five of parts two and three. Again, these were then edited together with the same effects as the mono mix.

The edits in both the final mono and stereo mixes can be heard at 2’23”. During the process around a minute was removed from the song’s previous running time.

The laughter was taken from the sound effects library at Abbey Road, and came from a tape labelled Volume 5: Applause and Laughter.

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