Live: Crosley Field, Cincinnati

The Beatles were to have performed at Cincinnati's Crosley Field on the previous day, Saturday 20 August 1966. However, heavy rain and the risk of electrocution led to their performance being postponed until noon on this day.

The support acts on The Beatles' final tour, The Remains, Bobby Hebb, The Cyrkle and The Ronettes, had all performed the day before, prior to the downpour beginning. The Beatles were the only act to play on this day, after which they flew 341 miles to St Louis, Missouri to perform an evening concert.

We had to get up early and get on and play the concert at midday, then take all the gear apart and go to the airport, fly to St Louis, set up and play the gig originally planned for that day. In those days all we had were three amps, three guitars, and a set of drums. Imagine trying to do it now!
George Harrison

The Beatles' standard set during their final tour consisted of 11 songs: Rock And Roll Music, She's A Woman, If I Needed Someone, Day Tripper, Baby's In Black, I Feel Fine, Yesterday, I Wanna Be Your Man, Nowhere Man, Paperback Writer and I'm Down. During the tour they occasionally substituted the final song with Long Tall Sally.

The group had performed in Cincinnati on one other occasion, on 27 August 1964.

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6 responses on “Live: Crosley Field, Cincinnati

  1. Jodi Garrison

    We came down the first night and got rained out. But the loyal fans we are we were back the next day. Awesome, memories that we still talk about today!

  2. Jonas

    To this day, I have not found any evidence of ‘I´m down’ being played at any of the US shows in 1966. It´s not on any of the recordings I have found, or mentioned in concert reviews. All shows I have heard has ‘Long tall Sally’ as the last number. Can anybody say for sure whether it was played on that tour?

  3. Colleen C

    I was there, too. Does anyone remember The Remains playing? I don’t, although I remember Bobby Hebb and the Cyrkle. If the Remains performed, what song/s did they play?

  4. Gary A.

    I was there! But being only 11 at the time didn’t get to see much. The opening bands played the day before. We bought tickets that Sunday and saw them. It was awesome!

  5. RB Brown

    My cousin and I attended the 1966 Cincinnati concert, (Saturday and Sunday). Now, nearly 49 years later, my wife and I are going to see Paul McCartney on June 25 in Columbia, SC. 1966 ticket price…$5.50. 2015 ticket price…$252.00. McCartney is 72, I’m 60, I hope we both make it to June 25.

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