Live: Busch Stadium, St Louis

After performing their postponed concert in Cincinnati at midday, The Beatles flew 341 miles to St Louis, Missouri, where they performed one show at 8.30pm.

Ticket for The Beatles at Busch Stadium, St Louis, 21 August 1966

The concert took place at the Busch Stadium, and was seen by 23,000 people. The support acts were The Remains, Bobby Hebb, The Cyrkle and The Ronettes.

The show took place in heavy rain, with a makeshift shelter over the stage to protect the musicians, although water still dripped onto the amplifiers. It was this incident which finally convinced Paul McCartney that The Beatles should cease touring.

It rained quite heavily, and they put bits of corrugated iron over the stage, so it felt like the worst little gig we'd ever played at even before we'd started as a band. We were having to worry about the rain getting in the amps and this took us right back to the Cavern days - it was worse than those early days. And I don't even think the house was full.

After the gig I remember us getting in a big, empty steel-lined wagon, like a removal van. There was no furniture in there – nothing. We were sliding around trying to hold on to something, and at that moment everyone said, 'Oh, this bloody touring lark - I've had it up to here, man.'

I finally agreed. I'd been trying to say, 'Ah, touring's good and it keeps us sharp. We need touring, and musicians need to play. Keep music live.' I had held on that attitude when there were doubts, but finally I agreed with them.

George and John were the ones most against touring; they got particularly fed up. So we agreed to say nothing, but never to tour again. We thought we'd get into recording, and say nothing until some journalist asked, 'Are you going out on tour?' - 'Not yet.' We wouldn't make The Big Announcement that we'd finished touring forever, but it would gradually dawn on people: 'They don't appear to be going on tour, do they? How long was that? Ten years? Maybe they've given it up.'

That was the main point: we'd always tried to keep some fun in it for ourselves. In anything you do you have to do that, and we'd been pretty good at it. But now even America was beginning to pall because of the conditions of touring and because we'd done it so many times.

Paul McCartney

The Beatles' standard set during their final tour consisted of 11 songs: Rock And Roll Music, She's A Woman, If I Needed Someone, Day Tripper, Baby's In Black, I Feel Fine, Yesterday, I Wanna Be Your Man, Nowhere Man, Paperback Writer and I'm Down. During the tour they occasionally substituted the final song with Long Tall Sally.

Following the St Louis concert The Beatles flew to New York, where they arrived at 3.50am the following morning.

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15 responses on “Live: Busch Stadium, St Louis

  1. Kevin Hazell

    I attended the aug.21,1966 concert and remembered seeing five limos drive into the stadium as the beatles were finishing their show, I then walked around the stadium to the other side where I witnessed the beatles run out a door by the ticket stand a jump into a waiting lincoln continental. I jumped out in front of them trying to get a picture. the car almost hit me and swerved around meand as it did, I plainly saw Paul McCartney riding in the front passenger seat and he waived at me. I hope this is true as I read differing accounts of their escape

  2. Tom Hartman

    I was there. I remember it raining but I don’t remember it being a LOT of rain, but enough that some of the opening acts got bumped and all of a sudden The Beatles came out. Lots of flashbulbs. If you went in the Mens room all you could hear was the vocals …as the stadium sound system included speakers in the bathrooms! So you could hear them singing LOUDLY in the bathroom. But we wanted to SEE them so we went back to our seats. Quite a night!

  3. Sol Awend

    I was there that night with my brother, and radio friend Marty Markowitz. Marty and I had worked so hard using every angle in the book to get in. I remember there was a black promoter with whom we’d spoken the week before. Marty had a ligitimate radio station, albeit 100 watts. Marty knew all the record and radio people in town,and getting in seemed like a shoe-in. But come Sunday night, no go. I got my brother, along with Marty on the elevator and made it down, to the field level and got off… There was the promoter, and when we asked if we could go in, he shook his head “no”…Everyone from KXOK went in. We three stood there, terribly disappointed…
    Oh, yea, the other person there that night was a young girl by the name of Susan Busch. 9 years later on November 29th I would marry her. Tomorrow night, we are going to the Paul McCartney concert, and all three of us will be together again.

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  5. Jerry

    My dad took me and my siblings, along with a friend, to this show. We were among the unlucky few sitting in the upper deck. There were so few people at the show up there, that we were able to move to center section seats. Although I was 11 at the time, we knew all of their material and I was taken by how many older hits they played, give what they were doing in the studio then. I don’t remember it raining all that hard. The sound was horrible, though.

  6. Lynda Vandiver

    I saw the Beatles at Busch Stadium. I was sixteen when my My mom, a cousin and three freinds made the trip from Madisonville, Kentucky.
    We had a sign in the back of the car that read: “BEATLES OR BUST” as we drove, and people in passing
    cars would honk and wave.
    It was on that trip that we first heard Ringo sing ‘YELLOW SUBMARINE’. from a St. Louis radio station.
    Ringo was my favorite.
    There was a misting rain and we couldn’t hear them very well, but we were glad to be there to see a live
    concert…we knew they were making music history! Now 50 years later I still listen to Beatle music…
    She love you …Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

    1. debbie harrington

      I was there 50 years ago and yes it rained for awhile then stopped. I remember hearing The Beatles singing and saying it didn’t sound like them, my brother said it was because they were live and I was use to hearing them on records. I still have my ticket and my brothers. I remember seeing a bunch of ticket stubs on the ground, I should have picked them up but didn’t. I remember Paul singing Yesterday and you could of heard a pin drop at that point. I screamed so much I was hoarse for a week. What a great time to be had by all and great memories. I have been to all Ringo and Paul’s concert here in St. Louis since. When Paul came Oct 9, 2002 I got a front row seat and he autographed a collage picture I drew I couldn’t believe it when he did that felt like I was in slow motion dream. Can’t wait for August 13th will be seeing him again!!!!

  7. maria sue szakmary

    I was there as well. I was 14 years old and my 24 year old sister in law took me….she was 6 months pregnant!!!!!
    No one was hurt, and it has been the memory of a lifetim!!

  8. Suzi Baker

    I was there with my best friend Joan. I was 15. I can remember all the screaming and feeling so incredibly happy just to be in their presence and part of the screaming crowd. After the concert, my friend and I actually got down onto the field and I grabbed a handful of grass, which I later kept in a piece of plastic in my Beatles scrapbook. My friend and I were certain this handful of grass had been walked on by our Beatles!! Still to this very day I am a huge Beatles fan – have had the privilege of seeing Paul in concert many times in the past years. Looking forward to seeing him again in St. Louis on August 13 this year !! I am originally from St. Louis, but now happily reside in Liverpool, England !

  9. Barb (Meynell) Dotta

    I had lived and breathed Beatles for over 2 years and my Dad wouldn’t let me go due to Lennon’s comments. Then I won tickets from KXOK contest (won at least 10 of the 100) and we all took a bus to the stadium! We had good seats and even touched Paul’s guitar that a rodie was carrying. Can’t say I heard them because I was screaming and crying so much. Don’t remember rain, except that they played earlier due to weather. We left right after they played to try and see them drive away. We could hear The Cyrcle playing Red Rubber Ball and didn’t care. We saw the decoy limos only. The Beatles set my life from the first song on Sullivan. I got in an all-girl band (Sweet Young Things) and now 50 years later am playing in a classic rock band in WI, called Radio Flyer. I retired on Feb. 7, 2014 with a huge Beatles 50th party. Will party again this Aug. 21 to celebrate the St. Louis anniversary. Still have the ticket and huge trunk of original Beatle memorabilia.

  10. Don Stone

    I was there. I heard the contest on KXOK where you had to identify 10 Beatles songs played in about 10 seconds. I sent in answers for me and nine of my friends and won 10 of the 100 tickets that they gave away. Couldn’t hear much with all the screaming girls. I still have the ticket.

    Don Stone

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