KLUE radio, Texas, is struck by lightning

The day after it organised a public burning of The Beatles' music and memorabilia, radio station KLUE of Longview, Texas was struck by lightning.

The lightning bolt hit the station's transmission tower, destroying broadcast equipment and knocking unconscious the news director. KLUE remained off-air for some time afterwards.

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4 responses on “KLUE radio, Texas, is struck by lightning

  1. KLuno

    I can’t say that I remember what I was doing on 8-13-66 or 8-14-66, but that is probably just as well since I was only about 4 years old! I never heard about this incident until like right now. I find it really interesting that because of this incident & the effect it had on the Beatles US tour that they never did another commercial tour for the rest of the time they were together? WOW! That is something.I was never a big fan, yet I know how much of an effect they created on all music.
    I was just getting into Lennon’s solo stuff when that ended abruptly. I like Paul M. and can say that having seen him recently, I can really feel the musician in him and his music in me. The other 2 I believe have passed on & I know nothing of their solo work. Having said more than I should I am out of here.KL

    1. Janet Loxi

      I was living in Longview Texas the stormy night it happened at the tender age of 14. I remember all of the hype about the burning as it was all over the news. I kept my Beatles albums and am I glad I did. Longview is in the bible belt and after this happened I thought to myself “God is telling these people not to hate”. Coming from a 14yo’s mind I look back on this as a 61 year old today and realize I was SPOT ON! Thanks God! whom ever you choose as your God!

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