Filming: Paperback Writer, Rain

Studio One, EMI Studios, Abbey Road

For the imminent release of the Paperback Writer/Rain single, The Beatles were unwilling to appear on television for promotion. Instead, they took part in a two-day shoot which resulted in a total of seven promotional films for the songs.

This first day's filming took place in Abbey Road's Studio One; the following day they went on location at Chiswick House, London.

The crew was supplied by InterTel (VTR Services), and the director was Michael Lindsay-Hogg. Video tape was used on this first day, while the following day's footage was shot on film.

At 10am a camera rehearsal took place. The first colour performance of Rain was filmed, after which The Beatles watched a playback to see the results. From 1.10-2pm they filmed a colour performance of Paperback Writer.

Both these colour clips were for the US market, and had their première on The Ed Sullivan Show on 5 June 1966, along with a greeting filmed by The Beatles on this day between 6.15pm and 6.30pm.

After lunch The Beatles recorded black-and-white footage for UK viewers, two for Paperback Writer and one for Rain, between 3.30pm and 6.15pm.

The first black-and-white clip of Paperback Writer had its television début on Saturday 25 June in Goodbye Lucky Stars, the final edition of the long-running music show Thank Your Lucky Stars.

The second black-and-white performance of Paperback Writer, along with the one of Rain, were first shown on Ready, Steady, Go! on Friday 3 June, which was the first time the programme had broadcast footage not from its own studio.

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3 responses on “Filming: Paperback Writer, Rain

  1. Scott Honeychurch

    Not only are they stoned, but there’s something very strange about these film clips, particularly about Paul McCartney. He’s got a broken front tooth & swollen left cheek. It’s been rumored or mentioned very briefly about a motorcycle accident he was involved in, where he supposedly flipped over the handle bars, splitting his upper lip, which may have added fuel to the Paul is dead hoax. Can anybody else clarify this? Not the Paul is dead thing directly, but the connection between the hoax, the motorcycle accident and the busted tooth in the Paperback writer & rain videos.

  2. Andy Screech

    According to Beatles Monthly, Paul had broken a tooth falling off a motorcycle and hadn’t had time to have the chipped tooth fixed in time for the shoot. He’s noticeably self-conscious in the promo films for Rain & Paperback Writer, rarely smiling.

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