George Harrison marries Pattie Boyd

After a romance lasting just shy of two years, George Harrison married Patricia Anne Boyd at Epsom register office, Surrey.

George and Pattie Harrison

I bought a Mary Quant pinky-red shot-silk dress, which came to just above the knee, and I wore it with creamy stockings and pointy red shoes. On top, because it was January and cold, I wore a red fox-fur coat, also by Mary Quant, that George gave me. She made George a beautiful black Mongolian lamb coat.

The ceremony took place early in the morning at Epsom register office, in Surrey, not the most glamorous place, and the room was very hot and stuffy. Brian Epstein was there and Paul McCartney, who was George's best man. Otherwise it was family - my mother, with her cousin Penny Evans, who had been around a lot while I was growing up. Colin, Jenny, Paula, David and Boo, George's parents and brothers. Uncle John, my mother's twin brother, gave me away.

Pattie Boyd
Wonderful Tonight

John Lennon and Ringo Starr were on holiday and couldn't attend the wedding.

It was not the wedding I had dreamt of - I would have loved to be married in church, but Brian didn't want a big fuss. They all trusted him so implicitly that when he said it should be a quiet register office wedding George agreed. He also said it had to be secret - if the press found out, it would be chaotic...

There was no shortage of pictures of us leaving the register office. We came out into the street to find dozens of press photographers lined up outside. So much for keeping the whole thing secret.

Pattie Boyd
Wonderful Tonight

George and Pattie Harrison, 1966

The happy couple left the register office in a Rolls-Royce Princess, for a reception at Kinfauns, their bungalow in Esher. The following day they held a press conference, and flew to Barbados for their honeymoon on 8 February 1966.

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17 responses on “George Harrison marries Pattie Boyd

  1. julie

    I saw a documentary that mentioned Brian Epstein encouraged George and Paul to marry in 1965 due to death threats. Paul didn’t want to get married. George was paranoid so he married. Sorry, I just have a hard time believing based on all I have read, that this was some great romance. There was heavy drug use, other woman…etc.

    1. someone who knows

      Pattie was pregnant with Georges son. That is why they married , the son was later put up for adoption. because record sales couldn’t handle another scandal after the more popular than jesus. Adoptions are secretive in nature . if you really look its plain as day. She was pregnant on her wedding day . the son she gave birth to was a little over 5 Lbs.

      1. Joseph Brush

        George and Pattie giving a baby away for adoption would even be more scandalous.
        If this particular adoption is so secretive how come you know about it? Your story is full of holes.
        If you really look its plain as day. Someone doesn’t know.

          1. Polly

            I call BS to your story. If it were true that Olivia Harrison was stealing money from George to pay to keep your birth private, get a court order and have your DNA tested. Then have her financial records checked. It will prove if she’s been handing money over to hide you.

            It’s done all the time, to disprove insane, greedy people from attacking the estates of wealthy people. Having a very poorly written website with pictures, and a Facebook page is certainly not evidence.

      2. rod

        Why would they get married if they were only going to give the baby up for adoption? And if they were married and they had the baby, why would it be a scandal? Married people have babies all the time. So do unmarried people. Your story makes no sense and I think you’ve made it up or something else told you a dumb story and you believed it.

        1. Carly

          Plus they would never put their child up for adoption george was against it… This jerk is just seeking his ten minutes of fame Dhani is the rightful Harrison child

    1. Julie

      Doubtful there was much love, but a lot of infidelity, neglect and emotional abuse. Pattie herself said she was surprised the song was about her when George recently asked for a divorce in 1969. Look, it is so obvious. “Brian didn’t want a big church wedding because he wanted to keep it private.” They didn’t want a fuss, so they invited the press and had a press conference? Sending photographers on their honeymoon is not keeping it quiet. Ringo and Maureen had a quiet church wedding and no press conference? Why did George and Pattie have to have a press conference? It seems suspicious to me. Sounds like they sold Pattie a story….

  2. Hannah C

    Yes there were drugs, infidelities, etc but you can’t deny the two were infatuated with each other for a time & there was a love between them that endured.
    “He was the eternal love.”
    – Pattie Boyd on George Harrison

  3. David Brooks

    The map shows Leatherhead registry office which is now the place for Epsom wedding to take place . Epsom registry office was in Ashley House Ashley Road Epsom.

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