Live: Capitol Cinema, Cardiff

The Beatles' final UK tour ended with two concerts at the Capitol Cinema in Cardiff, Wales. They had previously performed at the venue on 27 May 1963 and 7 November 1964.

The support acts were, in order of appearance, The Paramounts, Beryl Marsden with Steve Aldo, The Moody Blues, The Koobas and The Marionettes, and the compere was Jerry Stevens.

Ticket for The Beatles at Capitol Cinema, Cardiff, 12 December 1965

2,500 fans saw each concert, which lasted around 30 minutes. The Beatles performed 11 songs: I Feel Fine, She's A Woman, If I Needed Someone, Act Naturally, Nowhere Man, Baby's In Black, Help!, We Can Work It Out, Yesterday, Day Tripper and I'm Down.

Between their two sets The Beatles ate sausages and mashed potato in their dressing room backstage, and watched a Western on television.

During the second show a male fan appeared on stage and attempted to grab Paul McCartney and George Harrison. He was quickly bundled away by security staff and thrown out of the venue.

After the concert the group piled into their black limousine to drive back to London to attend a Christmas party at the Scotch Of St James nightclub.

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3 responses on “Live: Capitol Cinema, Cardiff

  1. Peter Stacey

    I still have the ticket stubs for the 5.30 (first) performance. I went with my girlfriend Pat Rees from Trefforest. I was from the Graig Pontypridd. We were 16.
    If you read this Pat best wishes to you, let me know you’re ok.

    1. Leslie Priestley

      Hello there, do you by chance have any photographs of any of the beatles 3 performances at the capitol from 1963 – 65 or know of anyone who does? Also do you have at all a south wales echo souvenir special from the early to mid 60’s of the beatles visit to the capitol?

      1. Aviv

        Do you remember any details as to how We Can Work It Out was performed? Was John playing harmonium? Was he playing a different type of keyboard? Any bit of information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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