Live: Odeon Cinema, Hammersmith, London

The Beatles played four concerts in London over two days during their final UK tour. The first two took place at the Hammersmith Odeon on this day.

They performed 11 songs: I Feel Fine, She's A Woman, If I Needed Someone, Act Naturally, Nowhere Man, Baby's In Black, Help!, We Can Work It Out, Yesterday, Day Tripper and I'm Down.

Also on this day, the New Musical Express announced the results of its annual Readers Poll. The Beatles were voted Best British Group and Best World Group, while John Lennon was voted British Vocal Personality.

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11 responses on “Live: Odeon Cinema, Hammersmith, London

    1. tuley

      So was I…I was 12..the Moody Blues played, but it seems like there were at least 4 other acts..does anyone remember who they were..the Fourmost, I think, & I seem to remember a boy/girl singing act.

  1. JACK

    I was there and could not hear a thing. The girls screamed the whole show and the only thing on stage was The Beatles to one side in boxes on top of each other, each box having a letter.

    1. claire

      I there there too and I had the screaming girls right beside me. I seeem to remember the Beatles coming on stage and just sitting strumming their guitars because every time they started to sing the screaming would start. Despite that, it remains one of my great memories

  2. jay kelly

    My granddad was there and he said he couldn’t hear a thing, and he was in the cheap seats, I would give anything to have been there with him. but im only 16 now lol, so no way that could have happened sadly.

  3. Aviv

    Do any of you who have been to this concert remember any details as to how We Can Work It Out was performed? Was John playing harmonium? Was he playing a different type of keyboard? Any bit of information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  4. Ray Burton

    I worked selling ice creams so i could see them Freddy and the dreamers , The Yardbirds with eric clapton and i think Elie Brooks was also on the cast.
    One issue was that you struggled to hear anything as the girls were screaming

  5. lyn walton

    thank you Ray Burton, I remember all these acts now. The way to hear the Beatles over all the screaming was to put your fingers in your ears and you could hear them. I was with 5 or 6 friends and we were screaming too but adopted “fingers in ears” approach and could hear the fab four singing – it was the most amaziing concert ever

  6. Tim Battersby

    I was at the concert too. Never heard a thing BUT loved it.
    I write a monthly article nowadays for The Huffington Post and this month I’ve chosen to write a tribute to John Lennon. The article will be called Come Together.
    Hope you can check it out

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