Live: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles

The Beatles had performed a triumphant show at Los Angeles' Hollywood Bowl on 23 August 1964. A little over a year later, they returned for two further sell-out shows.

Ticket for The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl, 29 August 1965

In the afternoon of 29 August 1965 they gave a press conference at the Capitol Tower at Hollywood and Vine. Alan Livingston, president of Capitol Records, presented them with gold discs for sales of Help!.

Following the press conference The Beatles were driven by armoured truck to the Hollywood Bowl. The show was attended by 18,000 fans; one gave birth to a baby boy in the car park outside the venue.

Tickets retailed for $3, $4, $5, $6 and $7. The Beatles earned $90,000 from the total take of $156,000 for the two concerts.

The Beatles performed 12 songs at the concert: their truncated version of Twist And Shout, followed by She's A Woman, I Feel Fine, Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Ticket To Ride, Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby, Can't Buy Me Love, Baby's In Black, I Wanna Be Your Man, A Hard Day's Night, Help! and I'm Down.

The other acts on the bill were, in order of appearance, King Curtis Band, Sounds Incorporated and the Discotheque Dancers, Brenda Holloway, and Cannibal & The Headhunters.

As with the 1964 concert, the two August 1965 performances were recorded by Capitol Records, although Paul McCartney's introductions and vocals for the first four songs weren't audible due to technical problems.

Three songs from this date - Ticket To Ride, Dizzy Miss Lizzy and Help! - were included on the 1977 album The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl. Dizzy Miss Lizzy was a composite edit of the 29 and 30 August performances.

John Lennon's spoken introduction to Baby's In Black was also included on the 1996 single Real Love, along with the full version from the 30 August performance.

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  1. lucinda frentz

    hello i have a brass beatles ticket and i was wondering if you would know anything about it it is from the august 29 1965 hollywood bowl concert box ticket made out of brass? any infor would be greatly appricated thank you

  2. Anna Savitt

    I was at The 1965 Hollywood Bowl Beatle Concert, I was 12 years old, my family and I were visiting my English Grandparents, and vacationing in LA from Chicago like we did every summer.My Granather found out that The Beatles wer going to be in town when we were there, so he got tickets. I was beside myself! I was so excited we were in te back, near the speakers so we could hear the music, much to my Dads dismay, not to mention the screaming! I was screaming too! My eyes werued to John most of the night. I have seen hundreds of shows since and The Beatles will always stand out above them all, they had no fancy lights or effects, it was just them witere vox amps, guitars, drums and Johns Hamond organ, but that’s all they needed

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