Day off in Bel Air, Los Angeles

Without a concert scheduled for this day, The Beatles rested at their rented house at 356 St Pierre Road, Bel Air, Los Angeles.

Although their location was known by many fans, John Lennon, Neil Aspinall and Derek Taylor managed to leave the house for a few hours, but their impromptu outing came to an end when Lennon was recognised.

In the afternoon they attended a party at the Bel Air home of Alan Livingston, president of Capitol Records. Tickets for the party, held in aid of the Haemophilia Foundation of Southern California, cost $25 tickets, and the event raised $10,000.

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5 responses on “Day off in Bel Air, Los Angeles

  1. Andrew

    Here are parts one and two of a video containing multiple news reports, and maybe some raw footage, from this day, including an interview with the mayor. I’ve never seen any of it before. It’s remarkable to see the kind of bizarre events Brian had the band attending. It really doesn’t look like much fun.

  2. Julie

    I have original Kodak photos taken at the Bel Air house developed Nov 1964. Are they of any worth or is anyone interested? I have had them in a box since I was a teenager!

  3. Moptop

    The Hemophilia Society ‘Meet and Greet’ charity ‘Garden’ function took place in the grounds of , 415 Avondale Avenue, Brentwood Heights not Bel Air and it was a relative of Mr Livingstone’s garden.

    There are three known home movies filmed at the function, News Footage from outside the premise and dozens of photographs taken by numerous relatives of fans who lined up to see The Beatles perched on stools.

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