US singles: And I Love Her, I’ll Cry Instead

Two Beatles singles were released on this day by Capitol, an unusual move but one calculated to cash in on the public's insatiable hunger for Beatles products in 1964.

And I Love Her was issued as Capitol 5235, with If I Fell as its b-side. Both songs were on the United Artists soundtrack LP A Hard Day's Night, which was released the previous month. The single reached number 12 in the Billboard chart.

I'll Cry Instead had I'm Happy Just To Dance With You as its b-side, and was issued as Capitol 5234. Although the lead song was written for the film, it was left out by director Richard Lester

The single version of I'll Cry Instead was also slightly longer than the UK version, lasting 2'09" rather than 1'49". The difference was caused by the repetition of the first verse prior to the second middle eight. This version can also be heard on the mono version of the US album Something New.

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  1. kenlacouture

    We might also mention here that the US single of “And I Love Her” used the mono remix of March 3, 1964, which has double-tracked vocal only during the refrain, and not the verses — very different from the canonical UK mixes made later (June 22, 1964)

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