World première of A Hard Day’s Night

The Beatles' first feature film, A Hard Day's Night, had its première at the London Pavilion.

The première was attended by The Beatles and their wives and girlfriends, and a host of important guests including Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon. Nearby Piccadilly Circus was closed to traffic as 12,000 fans jostled for a glimpse of the group.

I remember Piccadilly being completely filled. We thought we would just show up in our limo, but it couldn't get through for all the people. It wasn't frightening - we never seemed to get worried by crowds. It always appeared to be a friendly crowd; there never seemed to be a violent face.
Paul McCartney

It was a charity event held in support of the Variety Club Heart Fund and the Docklands Settlements, and the most expensive tickets cost 15 guineas (£15.75).

After the screening The Beatles, the royal party and other guests including The Rolling Stones enjoyed a champagne supper party at the Dorchester Hotel, after which some of them adjourned to the Ad Lib Club until the early hours of the morning.

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5 responses on “World première of A Hard Day’s Night

  1. Gianpaul

    We were there by chance, we just got to London and we see some great girls running to Piccadilly Hey.. we followed them, without knowing we were becoming witness of history in the making.
    Yes we were there.

    The limo finally was able to get to the Pavillion cinema,the Beatles came off running inside the theater.Thousand of people cheered, screamings incredibly, sireens from umbulances banging the air picking up little girls fainting everywhere.
    The Beatles have been the companions of our life.
    Great,great memories.
    (The movie was’nt too bad)

    1. Karen Steck

      We were there from Brookville, Ohio visiting our mother’s family in the summer of ’64. Mom’s brother Lou asked us if we would like to see the Beatles. John and Kathy 15 and Elaine 17 stood on Piccadilly and a guy climbed up the lamp post and yelled ‘Here they come!’ BEATLE MANIA!! They each arrived in different cars. Four times the excitement. I bought some cool stuff from people selling on the street. Saw the movie later in the week. Loved it!! I still have the movie program I bought in the lobby. It was Mods and Rockers and the best summer ever.

  2. David

    I gather that The Beatles deliberately gatecrashed The Rolling Stones at the reception, as they hardly knew anyone at the reception or premiere, and wanted to have their friends there, and to socialise at the Ad Lib. I think it was Bill Wyman stated that in his 1990 autobiography.

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