US album release: A Hard Day’s Night

The Beatles' fourth US album was the soundtrack for their debut film A Hard Day's Night.

A Hard Day's Night album artwork - USAIt was released by United Artists Records, whose parent company owned the rights to the film. The catalogue numbers were United Artists UA 6366 (mono) and United Artists UAS 6366 (stereo).

The album contained all seven songs from the film, plus I'll Cry Instead, which was written for the film but cut at the last minute. In addition to The Beatles' original songs, there were also four orchestral instrumentals by George Martin and his orchestra. All tracks were credited to John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

A Hard Day's Night topped the US Billboard chart for 14 weeks, which was the longest run at the top for any album in 1964.

A Hard Day's Night - The Beatles

The tracklisting was as follows:

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4 responses on “US album release: A Hard Day’s Night

  1. Matt Steger

    Question.. just obtained a stereo copy of the UA LP and all of the Beatles songs sound to be mono mixes, although the label says “high fidelity stereo”. The non-Beatles songs do appear to be stereo to my ear. Did UA not have real stereo versions of these songs and actually release it this way?

  2. kenlacouture

    This appears to be the case, Matt. True stereo remixes of the songs that wound up on the United Artists soundtrack LP were not created until June 22, and the UA LP was released in the States on June 26 — far too short a time period to ship stereo tapes to the US and physically prepare an album for release. Thus having only mono tapes to work with, UA apparently decided to fudge their “stereo” album.

    Further details can be found here:

  3. Barry Smith

    In 1980, Capitol released A HARD DAY’S NIGHT soundtrack. The LP contained the purple Capitol label. This was the soundtrack’s final pressing, as it eventually went out of print for good. Recently, however, a CD version was released in the US albums box set.

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