Live: Sydney Stadium, Sydney

The Beatles had arrived in Sydney, Australia on 11 June 1964, but didn't perform there until this day.

They arrived in the city by aeroplane at 7.40am. Around 1,200 fans greeted them at the airport, along with 300 police officers.

The Beatles were taken to their suite at the Sheraton Hotel, and later gave a press conference for Australian reporters.

The Beatles at the Sheraton Hotel, Sydney, Australia, June 1964

In the evening they gave the first of six shows over three days; each performance was seen by 12,000 people. As was now customary, The Beatles were subjected to a storm of jelly babies thrown by the fans, the result of an off-the-cuff interview comment made by George Harrison in 1963.

Wherever we've been since then - America, Europe and now Australia - that stupid story has gone ahead with the result that we get jelly babies chucked at us till we're really fed up.
George Harrison

Paul McCartney was forced to twice stop the group's performance to ask the audience not to throw sweets; both times he was ignored and a new candy hailstorm greeted the band.

18 June 1964 was McCartney's 22nd birthday, and after the concert a party was held back at the Sheraton. Also present were 17 girls who had won the Daily Mirror newspaper's "Why I would like to be a guest at a Beatle's birthday party" competition. Ringo passed out drunk at 3am the following morning.

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4 responses on “Live: Sydney Stadium, Sydney

  1. Brian

    That is correct. The Chevron didn’t want them because it was afraid that the hotel would be blocked out by fans standing on the footpath outside. So where did the fans stand so they could get a better view of the Sheraton?

  2. Adrian Keefe

    We stood outside the Chevron to get a good look at Beatles who were at Sheraton opposite. Guess who was staying at Chevron at that time? Famous musician … go on! Guess! Artur Rubenstein. Note his name is Artur and not Arthur

  3. Michael Clifford

    I noticed you got the hotel wrong, although they had previously been booked at the Chevron Hilton. As their fame grew in late ’63 and early ’64 the Chevron cancelled the booking fearing physical damage and pandemonium on their doorstep. Unfortunately for them the hotel opposite (in reality not much more than a motel) took the booking instead, which meant the Chevron got exactly what they feared. By the way, they arrived at 7.40 am, not 11.40.

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