The Beatles arrive in Hong Kong

Q: How do you like your girls in Hong Kong?

John Lennon: Oh, I dunno…

George Harrison: Well, from what we’ve seen, they’re great. Everywhere you go there’s some good and some bad, aren’t there.

Paul McCartney: That’s true.

John: True. I’m not arguing. I’m with you, there.

John: Correct!

Paul and George: Correct!

Q: It’s said that you got your hairdo from Oliver Twist.

George: No, we didn’t. We didn’t know Oliver Twist had a Beatle haircut.

Paul: No, it’s just a rumour.

Q: How often do you get your hair cut?

George: It just depends. Usually about once every blue moon.

Q: John, could you tell us something about the book that you’ve written?

John: It’s selling well.

Q: What made you write it? What is it about?

John: It’s about nothing, really. I just do it for a hobby, you know. I’ve done it for many years.

Q: Have you any idea how many copies it’s sold already?

John: No, ’cause I changed me phone number and the fellow can’t get in touch with me to tell me.

Q: John, somebody suggested, and I’ve read some of it, it looks as though Lewis Carroll had something to do with it. Did you ever read Lewis Carroll when you were young?

John: Yes, Alice In Wonderland. That’s all, and the Looking Glass.

George: And Louis Armstrong.

John: Oh, he’s another one. Yeah.

Q: It’s also been said that you were very well educated. Could you prove it?

John: No, I’m not.

Q: You didn’t go to school, then?

John: Oh, of course. I had to. The state made me.

Q: How long were you educated?

John: Till I was about 18, 19. I’ve forgotten.

Paul, to George: He was?

George: Oh, art school.

John: That’s school in’t it? That’s school in’t it?

George: Sorry, John.

John: All right.

George and John: Correct!

Q: You’re taking your mothers to Australia, is this correct?

John: Well, Paul and I aren’t.

George: Incorrect!

John: Just my Auntie.

Paul: Just his Auntie.

John: That’s all.

Paul: We haven’t got…

John: She’s resting.

Q: But we hear reports that some of you are bringing your mothers…

George: We heard that, too.

John: You’re in the wrong agency.

George: That was the Daily Mail.

Q: For the sake of argument now, people are saying you’re wearing your own Beatle wigs. Is it real?

Paul: Well, do you want to pull it?

Q: Yes. May I?

Paul: Yeah, go on. Every press conference!”

Q: It’s real!

Paul: There you go, it’s real. Okay? That’s another one pulled.

Q: I represent the SPCA, and I’d like to know what you consider cruelty to Beatles?

Paul: Oh!

Paul: What’s the SPCA?

Q: Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

John: R… They’re the RS…

Paul and George: No, that’s the Royal one.

John: Ah well, I’ll have the Royal one.

Paul: Cruelty to Beatles?

John: What is it? Not buying the records, maybe.

George: Yes.

John and Paul: Very cruel.

Last updated: 10 November 2020
Travel: Amsterdam to Hong Kong
Mixing: A Hard Day's Night, Things We Said Today
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