Filming: Paul McCartney’s unused scene in A Hard Day’s Night

GIRL: Are you supposed to be here?

PAUL: I’ve got you worried, haven’t I?

GIRL: Of course not. I asked you who you are, that’s all.

PAUL: No you didn’t, you asked me, “Was I supposed to be here?”

GIRL: It’s the same thing.

PAUL: It isn’t you know.

GIRL: Well, you’ve obviously no right to be here.

PAUL: Aah, that’s more like it. Do I look like a trespasser, like?

GIRL: I’m warning you, they’ll be back in a minute.

PAUL: D’you know something, “they” don’t worry me at all.

GIRL: They’ll throw you out!

PAUL: Is that a gentle hint I won’t be missed, like if I go?

GIRL: (haughtily) I want to go on rehearsing.

PAUL: Well, I’m not stopping you.

GIRL (hotly) Don’t be rude.

PAUL: You had the first go, not me. Anyroad, I only fancy listening to you… that’s all but if it worries you… well…

GIRL: Of course it doesn’t worry me, I can… (she interrupts herself) Who are you?

PAUL: (smiling cheekily) Another worrier.

GIRL: (accusingly) You’re from Liverpool, aren’t you?

PAUL: (comically) How’d you guess?

GIRL: (seriously) Oh, it’s the way you talk.

PAUL: (innocently) Is it… is it, really?

GIRL: (suspiciously) Are you pulling my leg?

PAUL: (looking her straight in the eye) Something like that.

GIRL: (unsure) I see… (airily) do you like the play?

PAUL: Yeah… I mean, sure, well, I took it at school but I only ever had boys or masters say those lines, like, sounds different in a girl (smiles to himself) Yeah, it’s gear on a girl.

GIRL: Gear?

PAUL: Aye, the big hammer, smashing!

GIRL: Thank you.

PAUL: Don’t mench… well, why don’t you give us a few more lines, like?

GIRL (points) Oh, there isn’t much point. Anyway, I was only doing it for myself.

PAUL: You don’t half slam the door in people’s faces, don’t you? I mean, what about when you’re playing the part, like, hundreds of people see you and…

GIRL: (cutting in) I’m not…

PAUL: What?

GIRL: Playing the part.

PAUL: Oh, you’re the understudy, sort of thing?

GIRL: (aggressively) I’m a walk-on in a fancy dress scene. I just felt like doing those lines.

PAUL: Oh, I see. You are an actress though, aren’t you?

GIRL: Yes.

PAUL: Aye, I knew you were.

GIRL: What’s that mean?

PAUL: Well, the way you were spouting, like (he imitates her) “I don’t believe you, sir… ” and all that.

GIRL: I don’t sound like that.

PAUL: Yes you do.

GIRL: Do I really?

PAUL: Yeah, it was gear.

GIRL: (dryly) The big hammer?

PAUL: (smiling) Oh aye, a sledge.

GIRL: But the way you did it then sounded so phoney.

PAUL: No… I wouldn’t say that… just like an actress… you know.

Recording: Around The Beatles
Mixing: A Hard Day's Night
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