Recording: Around The Beatles

IBC Studios, Portland Place, London
Producer: Jack Good
Engineer: Alan Florence
Tape operator: Peter Robinson

Brian Epstein had negotiated a one-hour television special starring The Beatles, to be made by London-based ITV company Rediffusion. To be titled Around The Beatles, the show was filmed on 28 April 1964, but rehearsals and recording began on this day.

The working title of the show was John, Paul, George And Ringo. Also to appear were PJ Proby, the Vernons Girls, Long John Baldry, Millie, The Jets, Cilla Black and Sounds Incorporated. In Proby's band was Jimmy Page, then a full-time session guitarist.

The Rediffusion contract stipulated that The Beatles had to attend five days of rehearsals between 17 and 27 April. However, due to the group's hectic schedule they had limited time to attend. The audio was recorded over two consecutive days, this and the next.

This day's recording finished at 10pm. The staff then prepared the studio to record PJ Proby's single Hold Me, which launched his career in the UK. Jack Good, the man behind Around The Beatles, produced the recording.

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  1. Ron Tennant

    P.J.Proby….what a singer!! he absolutely stole the show “Around The Beatles” back in mid 1964. He’s still around even now singing wonderfully well. So many groups & singers get classified as legends….most of them ain’t! PROBY IS!!!

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