Radio: The Public Ear

During breaks in filming A Hard Day’s Night at Twickenham Film Studios, The Beatles recorded a number of contributions to the BBC radio programme The Public Ear.

The show was first broadcast on the BBC’s Light Programme service on Sunday 22 March 1964, from 3-4pm. It opened with an announcer saying their had been a request from a listener asking if there could be sufficient warning if The Beatles were appearing on the programme, so other fans could be notified. The announcement ended with Ringo Starr saying: “We’re on today, later on, so don’t forget, get on the phone and get all your friends listening!”

The Beatles interviewed each other for this edition, giving plenty of opportunity for their humour to shine through. The items in the show included George Harrison adopting an upper class accent to discuss In His Own Write with Ringo Starr and John Lennon. Lennon also read Alec Speaking, one of the pieces from the book.

Harrison also discussed the making of the A Hard Day’s Night film with Paul McCartney, and closed the show by – joined by Starr – reading out the credits for the film, giving The Beatles joint producer credits.

Last updated: 2 April 2010
Filming: A Hard Day's Night
Filming: A Hard Day's Night
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