Interviews: London Airport

David Coleman: But have you got anything on the way, apart from the film?

Paul McCartney: We’re doing recording next week.

John Lennon: Shh!

Ringo Starr: Don’t tell ’em.

Paul: We’re not! It’s a lie! Sorry! We’re recording next week.

DC: We daren’t ask you where.

Paul: No!

Ringo: We couldn’t tell you.

John: Oh no. Decca!

DC: What about your impression of American adults? I mean, we hear your impression of teenagers and so on. I saw you, Ringo, being quoted as saying something about this.

Ringo: What did I say?

DC: You tell me.

Ringo: I don’t know! You know, I’m quoted so much it’s just ridiculous.

DC: You tell him what he said, Paul.

Paul: I don’t remember. About adults?

Ringo: They’re older than I am!

DC: You said the adults were a bigger problem than the teenagers.

Ringo: Oh, yeah. Well, you know, they’ve sort of gone potty.

Paul: Yeah, they were.

Ringo: I mean, the teenagers will ask for the autograph, and take it, and leave it at that. But the adults want to know where you’ve been, and…

Paul: Yeah. Cut your hair, too.

Ringo: Yeah. Well, I don’t know if it was an adult, but somebody did.

DC: Did you manage to get much time away from all this, and really get away by yourselves?

John: We got three days at the end, after the Ed Sullivan in Miami, you know, we stayed on. Was it three days?

Paul: Yeah.

Ringo: It was around that.

John: Three days, you know. Nearly three.

DC: Anyway, nice to see you back, boys. Thanks very much.

Paul: Thank you.

Ringo: Good to see you. Keep kicking.

John: Keep kicking.

News of The Beatles’ return to England was also featured on radio news and other programmes. In the evening Paul spent the evening in Canterbury, where he watched Jane Asher acting in The Jew Of Malta.

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