Travel: New York to Miami

The Beatles travelled to Miami from New York on this day, leaving on National Airlines Flight 11 at 1.30pm and arriving at 4pm.

Their arrival was watched by 7,000 fans, which had been alerted to The Beatles' presence by local radio stations WFUN and WQAM.

After disembarking from the aeroplane The Beatles were taken in a three-limousine convoy to the Deauville Hotel in Miami Beach. Motorcycle outriders led and trailed the convoy for the eight-mile journey, as fans lined the streets to watch.

Miami was like paradise. We had never been anywhere where there were palm trees. We were real tourists; we had our Pentax cameras and took a lot of pictures. I've still got a lot of photos of motorcycle cops with their guns. We'd never seem a policeman with a gun, and those Miami cops did look pretty groovy. We had a great time there.
Paul McCartney

They were accompanied by New York radio DJ Murray the K, who managed to talk his way into sharing a room with George Harrison at the Deauville.

I've often wondered how Murray could barge into the room and hang out with us for the entire trip. It's funny, really. I never quite understood how he did that.
George Harrison

In the evening The Beatles went to the Mau Mau Lounge to watch The Coasters perform, and were taken by Murray the K to see Hank Ballard and the Midnighters at the Miami Peppermint Lounge.

I had another disastrous evening in Miami. We went out to see The Coasters, who were heroes with Yakety Yak. People were dancing to them in the club, and I just couldn't understand it. These were rock 'n' roll gods to me, and people were dancing! I was just so disgusted. But The Coasters were great, and it was a thrill to see American artists. We'd never seen them before like this, in America.
Ringo Starr
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  1. Allen Unger, PO Box 31, Brewster, NY 10509

    On the evening of 2/13/64, me and 3 of my friends entered the Peppermint Lounge in Miami and was given permission to sit in a roped off area next to the dance floor. We were told we would have to move when special guests arrived. The Beatles entered and sat next to us. We were told to move and John Lennon told management it was ok for us to stay there. A picture was taken with me & my 3 friends and when the girl went to give us the photo, John Lennon grabbed it first and signed, John Lennon Beatles on the inside of the folder. I still have that folder & the photo of me & my 3 friends signed by John Lennon. I wish to thank the Beatles for that memory I will never forget.

  2. bill price

    I actually sat with the beatles that evening. Our band was the house band that was playing at the peppermint when the beatles arrived.We did a tribute to them with a couple of there hits. Because of Ringo we were allowed a photograph.Hoping to say hello again at his july 1 concert in Toledo.

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