Radio: Pop Go The Beatles

Following the success of the first four editions of The Beatles' BBC radio show Pop Go The Beatles, the corporation decided to commission a further 11 editions. The first in this new run was recorded on this day at Studio Five in Maida Vale Studios, London. Read more »

Live: Majestic Ballroom, Newcastle

This was The Beatles' second and final concert at the Majestic Ballroom. They had previously appeared at the venue on 28 January 1963.

This was the group's final appearance in a ballroom run by Top Rank, although they continued to perform in cinemas and theatres operated by the company.

She Loves You single artwork - USABefore the show, in a room at the Turk's Hotel in Newcastle, John Lennon and Paul McCartney began writing their next single, She Loves You.

John and I wrote She Loves You together. There was a Bobby Rydell song out at the time and, as often happens, you think of one song when you write another.

We were in a van up in Newcastle. I'd planned an 'answering song' where a couple of us would sing 'She loves you...' and the other one answers, 'Yeah, yeah.' We decided that that was a crummy idea as it was, but at least we then had the idea for a song called She Loves You. So we sat in the hotel bedroom for a few hours and wrote it.

Paul McCartney

They wrote while facing each other on twin beds in their shared hotel room.

We must have had a few hours before the show so we said, 'Oh, great! Let's have a ciggy and write a song!' So that's how we began 'She Loves You'. I remember for some reason thinking of Bobby Rydell; he must have had a hit that we were interested in. I remember thinking of him and sitting on the bed in this hotel somewhere with John in the afternoon daylight.

Paul McCartney
Many Years From Now, Barry Miles

The song was completed the following day at McCartney's family home, 20 Forthlin Road, Liverpool.

Television: Summer Spin

The Beatles headlined a special edition of Summer Spin - the summer title of Thank Your Lucky Stars - dedicated to Mersey Beat groups. It was recorded at Alpha TV Studios in Birmingham. Read more »

John Lennon’s assault of Bob Wooler reaches the national press

News that John Lennon had assaulted Cavern Club DJ Bob Wooler at Paul McCartney's 21st birthday party three days earlier reached the national press on this day.

The report was written by journalist Don Short, who later became a friend and confidant to the group. It appeared on the back page of the Daily Mirror newspaper, and was headlined: Beatle in brawl says 'Sorry I socked you'.

Guitarist John Lennon, 22-year-old leader of The Beatles "pop" group, said last night: "Why did I have to go and punch my best friend?

"I was so high I didn't realise what I was doing"

Then he sent off a telegram apologising to 29-year-old Liverpool "rock" show compere and disc jockey Bob Wooler, who was nursing a black eye, bruised ribs and torn knuckles.

The night before Bob and John were both at a Liverpool party to celebrate the 21st birthday of another of the Beatles, Paul McCartney.


Other "beat" music stars - including members of the Shadows and the Pacemakers - were at the party in Dinas-lane, Huyton, Liverpool, when a fight started.

Yesterday Wooler said: "I don't know why he did it. I was booted in the face. I begged him to stop.

"Finally he was pulled off by other people at the party.

"I have been a friend of the Beatles for a long time. I have often compered shows where they have appeared. OI am terribly upset about this - physically as well as mentally."

Wooler was treated for his injuries in hospital, where he was driven by Mr Brian Epstein, who has the Beatles under contract.

Epstein said last night: "I did not see the incident. All I did was to drive him to the hospital. I can only hope he gets well soon."

John Lennon, in London with the Beatles last night, said: "I had a great deal to drink at the party and very little to eat.

"By the time this happened I didn't know what I was doing.

"Bob is the last person in the world I would want to have a fight with. I can only hope he realises that I was too far gone to know what I was doing."

One of the men who was at the party said: "I looked out of a window and saw Bob Wooler staggering about with blood all over his face. He was saying: 'Get Brian Epstein.'

"I learned later that John Lennon had attacked Wooler.'

PUNCH-LINE: Lennon helped to write The Beatles' latest hit tune "From Me To You."

John Lennon apologises for assaulting Bob Wooler

Two days after he assaulted Cavern Club DJ Bob Wooler for insinuating he had had an affair with Brian Epstein, John Lennon sent a telegram to apologise.

The incident took place at Paul McCartney's 21st birthday party on 18 June 1963.

The telegram was sent on Epstein's orders, and read: "Really sorry Bob. Terribly worried to realise what I had done. What more can I say?"

Radio: Pop Go The Beatles

The initial run of The Beatles' BBC radio show Pop Go The Beatles was intended to have four editions. The last of these was recorded on this day, though more were to follow once the BBC realised they had a hit show. Read more »